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    Dec 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by paolorenzo View Post
    My Revo's door locks aren't exactly speed sensing, it locks when it shifts to 2nd gear.

    Sana nga ganito rin FoFi natin. Speed sensing yung driver's seat belt indicator. Baka puwede i-tap yung locks dun? Calling vivafoxpro. ;)
    That is great idea for a mod, but not speed sensing. My Honda locks once I step on the brakes.

    Isang drawback lang, yung mod ko, once na lock WALA NA MAKAKALABAS! Bwahahahaha!

    Really, it should be easier to get a signal from the brake lights rather than dig around the Fiesta's computer.

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    Dec 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by kevo888 View Post
    If its any help to you...I just measured my original oem Ford mudguards on my hatchback.
    Front is 5 inches from ground, rear is 7 inches. The hatch has a short overhang at the rear, so I imagine your sedan mudguards will need a similar ground clearance as the front.

    The formula I found is 1/3 the distance of the center of the wheel to the face of the fender liner where the guard is to be installed. My measurement is 13.5" which results in 4.5". Your 5" may have been for aesthetics which I am not too particular with in this installation. I have plans of putting in similar ones like yours (any pics, BTW) when they become common and lower priced here in our Province.

    I followed the formula in my rear guards and it worked like a charm. None of that gritty splatter on the underside of the rear bumper when I last washed it. These front ones are yet to be tested.

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    Oct 2010
    these are actually good looking sir! parang Rally Armor mud flaps ang dating.
    keep up the good work sir! your posts are very useful and informative!

    Quote Originally Posted by vivafoxpro View Post
    While I'm waiting for the chance to get Splash Guards as pretty as yours, rainy season has started.

    Like my rear ones, which I put in as an interim measure, I felt the need to have the front too with all the mud that suddenly abounds.

    My aim was to have the guards as wide as possible and elevated 4.5" from the pavement. You will see in the following pics that the ones I got are as wide as the wheel cavity. I think they are for off-road use. Printed with large FORD which I cut off finding it too "loud".

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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by antikryst View Post
    thanks for the inputs. natakot lang ako na say the built in stereo fails wala na ako warranty. or if something big like the trip computer gives out wala na rin warranty.
    Still not happy with stock audio? Mukhang maganda nga setup-an tong fiesta, maliit kasi cabin, one big subwoofer box. hehe...

    If there is RCA pre-out from the stereo, you can connect an amplifier to drive aftermarket speakers. It should be safe... unless nagkamali during install.

    If you will just replace the speakers and let the OEM HU drive the speakers, you might get into problem due to overloading.

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    Dec 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by emet View Post
    these are actually good looking sir! parang Rally Armor mud flaps ang dating.
    keep up the good work sir! your posts are very useful and informative!
    Medyo hiya nga ako i-post dahil makisig at lapat na lapat na yung mga nabili ng iba natin kasama dito sa forum.

    More on electronics kasi ing trip ko at hindi talaga sa automotive. Dito lang ako medyo natuto. Kaya hindi ko alam ang term na Rally Armor.

    Here is another picture showing the embedded fibers on the tire side of the flaps:

    Ang dating nila heavy duty na parang pang off-roader. Mabigat at makapal.

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    Oct 2010
    ^^ lupet mo idol! keep 'em coming! ilan na kaya ang hits ng vivafoxpro's channel?!?

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    Oct 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by allanctan View Post
    Any idea if we have speed sensing auto-lock. I always forget to lock the doors... delikado yata yun dito sa metro manila. Hope its something that can be enabled from the program unit.
    Haha grabe ako rin . First thing that came to my mind as well is how I wish the Fiesta would have speed sensing door locks. Ako naman habit ko na ever since na i-lock yung door as soon as I get in. Pero for some reason with the Fiesta I often forget it. I guess its because of its positioning at the center console, nasanay na ako na yung door locks nasa pinto, which is the typical Japanese design.

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    Dec 2010
    Ive got info from other website. Not sure if correct or not... sana totoo to....


    [SIZE=3]2011 Ford Fiesta Car Stereo Wiring Diagram[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Yellow/Red[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Brown/White[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Radio Ground Wire: Black/Blue[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Radio Illumination Wire: Blue[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: N/A[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Stereo Power Antenna Trigger Wire: N/A[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: N/A[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Stereo Amplifier Location: N/A[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Audio Front Speakers Size: N/A[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Audio Front Speakers Location: N/A[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): White[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): White/Brown[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): White/Violet[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): White/Orange[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Audio Rear Speakers Size: N/A[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Car Audio Rear Speakers Location: N/A[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): White/Green[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown/Yellow[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown/White[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown/Blue[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]The 2011 Ford Fiesta radio wire color information above is updated as it is submitted by the Modified Life community. [/SIZE]

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    Sep 2010
    Scuff Plate - alternatives

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    Oct 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by gatmaitan20 View Post
    Scuff Plate - alternatives

    Nice looks very neat. Meron palang red na carbon fiber sticker.

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