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    Aug 2004
    Bwisit... black as midnight din ako!

    According to JP, fastest official time Saturday was around 40.xx... DQ yata yung 38? Or was that an elimination run?

    Agh... had a sh*tty final run... I'd posted maybe the fifth fastest time of the day on my elimination run. Fastest official was 40.9, my fastest was 42.96... the surface is apparently looser than yesterday's and it was damn hot. We were also given fewer practice laps than yesterday.

    I was confident of getting a 42 and under time in the finals... I aced the launch... perfect at 3k rpm, had the turn-in dialled just right and I had the power down and the engine bouncing off the limiter way before I got to the figure eight. Looking over at the other lane, the guy beside me was about two car lengths behind. I hit the figure eight just right and modulated the throttle all the way through, very rarely hitting the brakes... I rocketed out of the figure eight and was on my way to a top three finish (42.0 - 42.5), but I was so happy at finally acing the figure eight that I'd forgot about the chicane till I passed it!

    Oh well, I knew I wasn't going to win, but having my photo in the papers (again... already made top four in two other events) for TRS would have made my day.

    At least I'm getting a new PS2 this week. Check out April's C! Magazine...

    My bro has some sweet pics... I'm waitng for him to get home so I can post some!
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    Apr 2004
    wow congrats niky!

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    Jan 2005

    ang onti lang ng total slots, 16 lang pala lahat, akala ko max slots na yun per car club.

    marami sa 16 na yun from teamrage and clubmitsu. although may mga nakasama din naman na mymitsu.

    drove the 1.6 manual in street trim...omiged, t3h sl0wn3ss.

    pero ganda ng rims ng TRS focus in tarmac trim.

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    Aug 2004
    Hehe... posting pics sana tomorrow. Just got my brother's pics via MMS and they're gorgeous! Hinihingi din ni JP, eh.

    Going to hunt down the C! Office in Makati around lunch time. Won letter of the month once or twice before, but there's no way I was going to brave Makati traffic and enforcers for cologne... ...PS2 ito... iba na yung usapan...

    I forgot my resolution to try the 1.6 on tarmac this time. People keep complaining about how slow it is, but I've always had fun with it. Great steering, nice snickety snick gearshift, and a clutch pedal smooth enough to put in a Civic...

    Siguro dahil sanay ako sa 1.3 na repmobiles... I've always had fun in cars with light engines, as the weight balance is always better (usually 55:45) than the top of the line model (usually 60:40 or 65:35 if it's a V6). Who cares how quickly you get to 100 km/h? All cars will do 100 km/h. It's how much fun you have when you get to the next corner that counts!

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    May 2005
    Niky - congrats bro. matutuwa FCP nito

    grabe talaga sa fugure8.. sh**T nag over steer ako.. hehehe. mas ok pa yong P2 hehehe. nong race sabi nong partner ko (partner daw hehehe) "sayang lamang n lamang na tayo....".. ayon nawalan ako ng control after 8.. ayon sapol dalawang pylon hehehe.

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