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    May 2006
    Are there Ford Cortina Mark III's running on our streets? These are fetching good price now....its near non-existent...but if you know one, gimme a holler. will be pimpin' one. alex 09189009810

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    Oct 2005
    sayang dati puro Cortina kotse namen hehehe.... (Fords in general)

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    May 2006
    sir basti08, you still know anyone selling or maintaining these cars? gagawin kong bling-bling! hehehe. mukhang 69 camaro siya with a luxurious flare...with a big air intake protruding from the hood! 20" lexani bling2 mags!

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    Aug 2004
    They come up in Buy n' Sell, but only rarely. Your best bet is to watch Buy n' Sell and Carfinder every week and wait for one to come up.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

Classic Ford Cortina Mark III