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    Apr 2004
    now ladies..have you found the time to read the preview of the new Focus? ii am currently living in the UK and we got the Focus C-max people carrier months before the Focus was released and the front looked like it. and the Focus backlight looked exactly like the the taiwan focus and seemingly was based on the mondeo and s40's backinglights. but that is where the comparison ends. it myt be based on the mazda3 platform but i think Ford has outdone itself in making this new generation car. now the big question is: WHEN? and any projected retail price?

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    Oct 2002
    its due to be released here around august-september.

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by LynxMan
    now the big question is: WHEN? and any projected retail price?
    Ford is still mum about its pricing, but knowing they'r previous tactics. i'm sure it would be competitively priced (undercut) the Altis and Civic. by the way its based on a really great chassis. Volve S40 & MZ3.

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    Oct 2002
    may test drive sa fort this coming july 23-24.

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    Jun 2005
    Do you think Ford Group Phils. will ever release this version of the Focus : SVT Focus

    Check this out (although it's their 2002 model) :

    170-hp from a NA 2.0 engine (*7,000 rpm)

    . . . . and there's plans for a SVT Focus Turbo (temporarily on hold due to relocation of assembly facility)

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    Dec 2003
    the 1.8 focus is rumoured to cost par with the altis 1.8 and civic 2.0..

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    Oct 2002
    Preview report by MBT & CarloCarAddict

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    Jul 2004
    test drived the focus yesterday. its a nice car with all the amenities you can get in a car including power and comfort. but the problem that i immediately noticed was the distance of the brake from the gas pedal and worse, the gas pedal is close to the center console. the first time i used the brake, my right foot hit the side of the brake pedal. if you lift you foot from the accelerator to avoid hitting the side of the brake pedal, you end up hitting the side of the console. this for me is an unconfortable feeling because you always have to be concious when using the brake which distract you from anticipating the traffic ahead or from enjoying the drive. anybody who test drived the focus noticed this? hope ford do something about this because it is dangerous and may be fatal.

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    Dec 2003
    hmm other testdrives did not mention that problem..

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    Sep 2004
    i hope somebody can show pictures of ford focus' pedals. It is intriguing...

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