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    Sep 2004
    sinong inggit?

    mayabang lang talaga ang ferrarri driver! Inggit din ako.hehehe!

    It is unfair to say bad things about a person whom you really don't know.

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    Sep 2004
    For the enlightenment of everyone who has ever taken the time to read through:

    Nowhere in this thread has his character been questioned, nor his lineage, his upbringing, his education or his reputation, so slander is not the issue here.

    Neither has his wealth been doubted, nor the manner in which he acquired such worldly possessions, be it through fair means or foul, so envy is not the issue here.

    What was questioned, and questioned very emphatically indeed, was the particular wisdom that led him to experience such an inconveniencing situation; driving such a car, in such a dangerous stretch of road, in a country which does not take too kindly to those who are seen to be well-off, as evidenced by the spate of kidnappings the populace has had to endure. True, his safety is his concern, not ours. But if that were the case, what then would be the purpose of the Goon Squad HQ? Merely for show?

    It is the driver’s judgment that was in obvious error, and the relatively cosmetic damage received by the poor car is likely to ensure that the lesson is far from learned. Which also explains the remark that the car would have been better off totally wrecked (but not before the driver has escaped unharmed), in the chance that the lesson is further reinforced. I admire him for his taste in choosing such an exclusive marque (don't we all?), but how he took care of it, as glaringly shown in pictures, is another story.

    There is nothing wrong with owning such an expensive, if frivolous, automobile. A number of individuals here own pricey vehicles themselves, and yet there is nothing that can be said against them, which certainly speaks volumes of their own well-exercised responsibility and discretion. I believe that “Mr. Ferrari owner” is by all means free to exercise his ownership of his prized possession, provided that it is in the manner that does not compromise the car, his own welfare or that of others on the road. Controlled conditions, such as a track, are turning out to be the most ideal in exercising that ownership as far as this country is concerned.

    The very fact that this accident occurred, and a thread devoted to it, simply means that my comments have been justified way before I have even started to make them. In a situation where people see only the car, the owner and his wealth, I have merely stated what is beyond the obvious in providing my own dissenting opinion on the situation, which is my prerogative in the course of this specific discussion, just as it is your respective prerogative to react accordingly. It is an opinion which I firmly stand by, as a fellow motorist on the road.

    As a final note, however, I am concerned that this accident may not be the last for this particular little Ferrari, if the owner does not take serious heed. Superficial damage sustained is easily repaired, and the oversight can just as well be repeated. To be perfectly frank, there is absolutely no guarantee that the next accident he meets is one that he will still be able to walk away from.

    And that is the only point where I hope to be truly mistaken.

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    Oct 2002
    bogey...i got your point..but i hope you got the other's point too.

    sa mga posts mo kasi, ang dating was you were judging the ferrari owner...kesyo hindi naman dapat dina drive dito yan at extravagant lang naman..

    actually, nagtaka din ako...never expected that you'll say anything lie's kinda.."un-bogeyman-like"..herhehrer...

    anyway, let's put it to rest.evryone has his own opinion posted yours...the others posted their's.

    ayos na.sana nalang, mag ingat tayong lahat, naka ferrari man o hindi

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    Aug 2005
    wag na po natin gambalain ang driver nung ferrari, kawawa naman at hindi makakatulog yun dahil sa naaalala natin sya!! pagdasal na lang po natin yung truck company na meron silang maipambayad dun sa italian car! dahil kung ako po yun naku hindi ako makakatulog sa kakaisip san makakakuha ng pambayad! he he, baka isanla na lang lahat ng tsikot namin! :bwahaha:

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    Jun 2005
    Wag din nating kalimutan na yung mga nakikidnap sa pinas usually sa auv lang nakasakay kasi nagpapakalow profile sila kaya hindi ibig sabihin ng naka ferrari ka e magiging mitsa na ito ng buhay mo and wala pa atang ferrari na nacacarnap dito sa atin kasi nga sobrang bihira. Sa akin walang masama bumili maski ng eroplano for as long as hindi pera ng bayan ang gamit mo. Wag natin sisihin yung driver ng ferrari coz nabangga nya yung car coz kahit anung kotse pwede mabangga kaya nga accident coz you'll never know di ba?

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    Oct 2002
    ngayon ko lang nabasa to, nope that's not our batchmates' car. hindi yan kay Mr. TT, mas later models yung collection nila ng ferrari. anyways, last i heard about him he works na sa multinational company and is DRiven in an exped on blings. but still he's a good guy, got to know him in one of my classes.

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    Nov 2002
    Well said bogeyman.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Bogeyman
    For the enlightenment of everyone who has ever taken the time to read through:

    Nowhere in this thread has his character been questioned
    hmmm.... :confused:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bogeyman
    'Yan ang napapala ng sukdulang yabang.
    that's the comment that started it all...don't try to pass this off as people misunderstanding your posts.

    sige na, it's your prerogative to question or make assumptions about everyone who owns an exotic car and drives it on philippine streets. those who buy and drive expensive toys because they are successful and would like to have some fun once in a while will just have to ignore those "dissenting opinions"

    and aren't we all overreacting much about a simple improper lane change? it's not like he crashed into the side of a mountain at 300 kph. irresponsible na kaagad ang hatol, even though it's something i bet more than half of this forum's members have been through also.

    got nothing against you or anyone else, just calling it like i see it ;)
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    Sep 2005
    sayang....saan ako nagkamali......

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    Oct 2002
    Good thing nothing bad happened to the owner considering na truck ang nakasagupa niya. Well, based on the pic, the ferrari owner is at fault but who knows, baka naman hindi pa nga siya sanay sa mga supercars like this. Or maybe he fell asleep or maybe its because of the butiki nga. Anyway, Lets not jump into conclusions right away. IMO baka kasi ma pinpoint yung tao because very few owns a car like his. Lets just eb happy nothing bad happened.

    Well, I also see the point of hirap nga naman kasi ng buhay sa Pilipinas...sana may kaunting pakikisama naman ang mga tao. Lalo na ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno.

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Ferrari collided with a Truck in Katipunan