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    :kodak::kodak::kodak:mine usually started with a guy taking photos of me. the first one had a high end camera being a photographer himself...he has a studio.the photographer being too shy, asked his sister to get my number but i did not give my number...i met the mother and told me that my name has been circulating in their household...he searched me through friendster...he found me even if i used a pseudo name in my account... (kilig ako noon e...wehehehe)but the photo taking happened not in connection with his job...he just liked being a paparazzo daw...(oink!!!all those, biglang humaba ang hair haba ng hair ko...naapakan ko tuloy, that's when i met the second guy...)

    second guy took photos of me using his cellphone...i didnt know he existed, twas the first time to train with him...i knew about the photos when we became on...i wasn't looking for love just came. had a good time...

    both didn't end up quite good...

    they now hate me...(i think...)

    recently, a guy's father took photographs of me for his son...the mother gave me a card, praying that i will be came with a bag of chocolates (my fave) i fell in love with the parents. the son is a man of few words...extraordinarily silent...they insisted he is gregarious...the guy (son) gave me his email ad yesterday though...he asked mine, unfortunately, i can't recall my new email ad, so i just told him that i will be the first to send him a mail...they left to return to the US after a brief visit here in the Philippines.

    all three have only one constraint...distance. the last two have the same family name...while the first two are from always, fate's been kidding me...the joke didnt make me laugh...was hurt...i kept going...i have recovered...i traveled a lot...i have seen some parts of the world and learned to appreciate the theoretical nature of love...

    the circumstances did not leave me jaded though...but i guess i need to take everything slow...slower (i guess) than the previous ones...

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    Sep 2007
    Calling testament11, deathlance, shadow at iba pang tsikot gigolos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s_quilicot View Post
    Calling testament11, deathlance, shadow at iba pang tsikot gigolos.
    ah sus... dapat pag ganito, dinadaan sa maboboteng usapan! lalo na ang sa akin, kelangan sa maboteng usapan!!

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    Mar 2007
    kami ng wife ko pinakilala lang ng common friend then text text na...ayun nagka developan...nauwi sa kasalan, mwhehehehe

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    Dec 2003
    Basahin niyo ito.Sorry kung may maling mga grammar.

    Rivals in Love
    The Final Say
    Words by: Kevin D.

    It started when I first went to a forum E.B. It was fun talking about from love to life and even work. Then I met this lady named Jenneth while the others where discussing about their love life we started talking like what school they went, where do they work and many more. I told myself that "she’s pretty" and "she’s interesting."
    I then started to text and sometimes call her every week. We talked about his experiences in love, being religious, family problems and many more. During our conversation she even blamed me for my mistakes in life.
    As we were getting along I made a mistake that made Jenneth angry but later forgave me .Then a couple of weeks came he lessens the text to Jen just to give space and probably not to have any pressure to her.

    All about her
    Jen is pretty, kind, sweet, religious type of person and likes to laugh a lot. She is a rock chic. Some of his friends say she is a conservative type of person. She likes to get to know the person well first more of a one day at a time. One of her best traits is who she is is who she really is.

    Along Came Jemack

    There was an E.B again in ATC. Jemack who was also there in the E.B was looking at Jen. After Jen and the other lady went to buy something, he then said to the other people who were there in the E.B that Jen is pretty.
    Little does Mack know I also like Joanna and made me a bit worried.

    We all know giving gifts is part of it but it doesn't have to be given almost everyday like Jemack has done. He started giving flowers two times, lots of chocolates and many more to Jen in a span of 2 months since he is in a hurry 'm thinking he is after something.

    Date of Kevin and Jen

    Kevin and Jen dated a couple of times. There was a time that I gave her chocolates. One was during their meet up with the friends in a forum the other was during a dinner date in festival. I then slowly started texting her again like "how's work?” and “how are you?"
    I talked to her one day but not that serious one just about life. Jen started to talk about Jemack
    "I got a gift from Jemack and we even took a picture with the gift."
    I then answered "Don't you know Jemack likes you he said it while the two of you where gone looking for something." Jen then didn't reply after that text.
    The last text during that night that I received from Jen was
    "You can court that crush of yours from now on and sorry but I don't want to talk about it nice meeting you"

    The Day Has Come

    After a couple of weeks Jen decided to finally let Jemack become his boyfriend. Jen even texted me about Jemack saying "I will finally have a boyfriend". When the next day came Jen texted again saying Jemack is just a friend but it just MIGHT grow. I then told it to the friends I know in the forum about it.

    Letting her know

    Having a better half is someone who you can talk to almost everyday. Tell stories of your life, your past love, your career and many others you want to talk about. It’s being there simply and its just a text away or a call. Communication is important because no matter what gossip or what other people say as long as you communicate with that person no one can destroy it. The two of you will be as solid as those gossip are. It’s so difficult not to talk to that person which sometimes lead to talking to another person/s. Taking it one step at a time is way better than being in a hurry.If that person is in a hurry anyone can predict that the person is just after something not who you are.
    Love doesn't have to be in a hurry its just around the corner. As I always say to myself that a better half is someone who will always be there for you from your sadness to your happiness.

    His friends now are saying

    I talked to his friends and they said at first they were encouraging me in pursuing Jen since Jen is single but as the weeks came by they said to me "she doesn't like you”. They started discouraging words like don’t do this and don’t do that which appear that they are into the side of the other guy which is Jemack.

    Other friends of mine said

    They said to me "Kevin just continue pushing it but don't be in a hurry she might not be able to take it and she might get pressured”. One of my classmate even said to me "Jemack and Jen won't last I tell you".

    My plans and my Dream

    My plan was the next dinner is I'll be giving her flowers next and introduce her to my parents. My dream is to be with her and take the time knowing her more. Although we rarely see each other I think its better that way so that she will not imply I'm in a hurry.

    My Message

    I was so hurt and cried especially at night because I really like Jen and I am so serious in pursuing her. I believe we were getting along already and remembered her line saying “I want to know the person one day at a time”.
    None of this would have happened if Jemack didn't come along to ruin it. I can't believe I was the one who is taking the time and I'm the one who got voted out.
    It's hard to be happy now. I don't know if I will be happy on my upcoming birthday and or even in Christmas.
    In the end all I can say is I still love her and I'm proud of it.
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    Jul 2007
    I think Dianne could now let out a sigh of relief. kidding

    If the girl you like has a BF already and you still decide to pursue her, aren't you disprespecting her BF? And besides you'd make a bad impression on the girl if you pursue her knowing that she has a BF.

    Siya ba yung sa avatar?

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    Dec 2003
    hehe.Naku si Dianne.hehe.I don't think she has a bf because according to his other friend she is still single and from her text to me a couple of weeks ago she is still unsure with jemack.(Tama lang yun ako dapat naman kasi yun priority eh hindi siya).I have lots of plans still especially this October
    Yup thats her and I'm proud of it.
    I Love You Jen.
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    Jan 2009
    gs, seriously, something about you scares me, makes me think that you're going to be a serious threat to women someday. i hope i'm wrong.

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    Sep 2007
    anak ng... may bagong love na si gs?! paano na si dianna llanera?

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    Jul 2007
    gs is very obsessive when he likes someone.

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