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    Nov 2007
    heheheh.. marami tlaga gusto makita pix ni TE ah
    binibitin lang kayo nyan

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    Nov 2005
    kayo kasi

    ang dali niyo matukso

    nag press release lang siya na boobsie-horny-girl siya nabaliw na kayo

    panay na ng kulit niyo magpost siya ng pic

    feeling FHM babe tuloy siya sa attention na binibigay niyo


    kaya sabi niya men are so easy

    (like a lady friend of mine says -- if men think women are easy, men are easier)

    you dudes are being played by an attention junkie

    yung mga attention junkie dapat di pinapansin

    pag lalo niyo pinapansinin, lalo nag fi-feeling

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    Sep 2004
    Kaya lalong humahaba ang thread na to, kasi post pa rin kayo ng post...feeling hot tuloy yung isa

    You want real, nice looking girls, whom you know are for real, go to Macau. (Venetian, Hotel Lisboa or any casino-hotel). Nagkalat sila sa lobby and the casino floor. Just make eye-to-eye contact. Starting price is HKD1,000, but you can haggle it down to 500. All-in, for 1 hour. You can even take pictures. Kasama na dun yung room, in case you're not booked at any hotel. Real stunners, walang sinabi si Cristine Reyes or Marian Rivera. I should know, I've been to Macau twice, hehehe

    Seriously, this thread is getting nowhere and should be closed.
    Last edited by Galactus; December 11th, 2009 at 05:19 PM.

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    Jan 2007
    Yep, close this thread and ban the shemale

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    Nov 2005
    no need to close the thread

    wala naman hostility

    di lalake yan

    meron talaga mga babaeng ganyan -- gustong gusto pinagkakaguluhan sila ng mga lalake

    may mga kilala ako ganyan - 2 of them

    funny thing, both of them are short and fat

    they prefer to hang with boys

    they wanna prove to other girls na kahit bilog sila, madami naman sila ka-close na lalake

    they need self-validation

    to prove to themselves (and to others) that they are desireable

    which makes them feel good

    which makes them chase that feeling over and over again

    kaya attention junkie



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    Jun 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by TrueEnthusiast View Post

    men are so easy
    How?!? 'think not all... remember it may sound absurd but there are still men who are sincere to their wife (pwera lang kung mhen siya huh).

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    May 2006
    closing thread

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My wife found out about my affair