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    Oct 2008
    your kids will look for you in the future when the time comes na matured na utak nila for them know how to understand reality at KUNG iintindihin nila maigi yung side mo at yung side ng mother nila. being biased to one side isn't that satisfying so pag nagtagal magtataka na mga yan. bakit naman nila ididibdib yung mga paninirang sinasabi ng nanay kung hindi pa nila nalalaman yung side ng tatay? (yan papasok sa utak nila pag matured na sila to handle things up)

    agree ako sa sinabi ni boybi, pero may point yung counselor, baka siya din mismo nagtulak na magka affair ka pa para hiwalayan ka. for short maraming possible answers. ang mahirap diyan eh alamin ang sagot bakit ayaw niyang sagutin 'bakit' lalo na't pag napag diinan mong alam niya bang siya dahilan bakit ka nagka affair sa iba.

    err.. just tell your boys that you committed a very big mistake at sana eh kahit nagkaganun ka eh matanggap ka pa rin nila since hindi mo ginusto na ganyan kalabasan since nanay niyo unang dahilan at nasasaktan ka ng todo todo dahil pinagsisisihan mo to ng totoo. tell them that your wife was the one ayaw makipag ayos kahit simpleng usap ayaw. tell them na nandidito lang biological father niyo when they need you, mahirap lang makipag kita dahil nilalayo ka ng pamilya ng nanay nila. just let your boys know your side to open their eyes early and never forget the word na pinagsisisihan mo talaga yung pagkakamali mo for them to understand

    masakit man yung bakit everyday kung pwede naman once a week, isipin mo na lang na nakakapagod din yan and para sa side ng bata, medyo nakaka ilang makasama isang tatay na sinisiraan ng todo todo ng nanay sa kanyang mga anak araw araw. just think of your kids na rin pero patience pays off naman. ang possibleng mangyari was pwedeng maconfuse lalo yung mga bata to what's happening around them

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    Oct 2002
    9 na yung panganay mo... pag 13 to 15 na yan magrerebelde yan (as with normal teenager)... if you would be there for him... baka ikaw pa rin ang "manalo"

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    Oct 2003
    It happens to the best of us brah

    at least you lost 20 pounds

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    Sep 2005
    Wife na walang gana sayo worst dinadamay anak nyo sa problema, byenan na spoiler. Go live yourlife somewhere else.

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    Apr 2005
    may mga babae daw na kapag ayaw na, ayaw na. kung ganun wife mo, I think you should start a life of your own. that is kung ganun wife mo. after trying everything, you should know.

    keep your communication lines with your children open. hindi man ngayon, they'll look for you in the future. just let them know you'll be there.

    malungkot man, ganyan talaga ang buhay. you've got to move on.

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    Oct 2008
    tanong ko lang is why? bakit nagsawa na wife mo sayo like parang walang nangyaring masasayang mga panahon sa inyong dalawa kahit nung hindi pa kayo kinasal? hindi kaya she's cheating on you too?

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    Nov 2002
    it is a good decision that you seek a marriage counsellor for guidance.

    it is also right to please you court your wife back again, to something that you had never did before, focus on what to do right than confine yourself your mistakes. it is a given fact that you had committed a mistake, but instead of concentrating with the wrong that you did, do good because you love your wife...

    it is wrong to get back and please your wife with reason that you made a mistake, its would be a better approach to get back with her and your kids because you have all the right and sincere intention to. do things not as a repayment or rectifying an error instead do things because you value the promise you made in front of the altar with your family, friends and God stand as witness.

    cut the string with the other girl!!!

    attend a new group of pro active friends, christian group of friends will be of help, dont join or drown yourself on a company of drinking session which you already did.

    *** is not only the core of a relationship, communication is, you cant just define that she has lost her mood because she turns down ***, if there were episodes of that circumstances, why not tease her in a higher perspective to amplify a new *** life. it is wrong to find gratification with other outlets.

    court your wife again, start from scratch, send her flowers, daily if needed, please your kids as well, they will help you boost your chances to getting back with your wife.

    if your wife doesnt love you anymore... then court her again and again, you know how to please her, take it to the next level if all methods fails

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    Oct 2002
    go the legal route, based on your story, I don't think your wife would want to be with you again, and can you live with your wife again? you will be at the mercy of her and your MIL for the rest of your life....

    exercise your rights as the father of the children...

    annulment na yan with visitation

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    Oct 2002
    related thread baka makatulong saiyo...

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    Feb 2006
    Thanks boss boybi, you the man.

    Boss twisted, how come you aren't even considering courting your wife again? Not for anything naman except to be friends lang.

    Ganun ba katindi galit mo sa kanya?

    You know, nothing tickles a girl more than a guy na sobrang sorry na pwede nya paikot-ikutin. You just have to bear it if you really do wanna see your kids.

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