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    Jul 2006

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    Oct 2002
    Like niky... mahiyaing bata din ako!

    Well... I started off by indirectly telling her during one of our dinner dates at Metrowalk about how some people are already asking & teasing us if we have plans to get married. Sort of testing-the-water-with-your-toes-before-jumping kind of thing. At first she just chuckled about it saying that we shouldn't be affected by those people telling us. I asked her again on another dinner date but still I couldn't get a favorable sign. Things aren't looking so good.

    So one day, while lying in bed and texting her, I sort of jumped at her with the question: "Are you thinking about it?". Now I got a favorable response (sigurista! haha) after she texted back!

    The next day while having our usual after-lunch coffee at Bo's Coffee, we just talked about it. No diamond engagement rings (though utang ko ito - hehe), no kneeling on one knee, no gimmicks...

    It may not be the most romantic proposal but my kumander appreciated my sincerity as we are now in the middle of planning our wedding next year. :propose:

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    Dec 2003
    wow kasalan naaa!

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    Feb 2005
    IMO, only 30% of a marriage proposal has to do with how and where you make the proposal. 70% of it has to do with how sincere you are (as with M2's story). However, it would prudent for you to talk to the parents of your lady - alone. Signify your intentions and set a date for a pamamanhikan, if you still believe in such.

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    Aug 2005
    ako sa bahay lang nila nag-propose. di ko na nga matandaan kung paano eh basta lam ko may kasamang flowers... yung engagement ring nga magkasama pa kaming bumili sa ongpin... at sya pa namili ng design.

    if i have the resources, magre-rent ako ng isang slot ng billboard ilalagay ko "Will You Marry Me [insert name]!!! kaya lang ala akong budget...

    i think this nokia wedding proposal is cute:

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    Feb 2005
    great to read different kinds of proposal, now, i'll share mine

    the day i proposed was not planned coz i find it hard to start the topic, while eating donuts in her place, i asked her if she see herself in the future waking up with me as her roommate, with my hair not groomed, seeing me everytime she open her eyes after a good night sleep, walking with me everywhere i or she go, holding my hands and many more stuff. she just smiled and said " you're really funny". but said YES afterwards

    here's the other side of the story, since she's leaving with her sister, i texted her sisiter about our plan and her sisiter don't talk to me for a week HEHEHE

    and when i told her parents, i can't say a word. Namumutla ako, but i was able to pass with flying colors.


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    Feb 2005
    how to propose,
    1. rent a billboard in edsa and print on a tarpauline " will you marry me"
    2. cheaper alternative, a streamer and place it across her house or in her office.

    it works

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    May 2006
    Yeah after make-up ***.

    But after all these years, when my wife asks me why...I just tell her again, she was meant for me and no other man but me is meant for her so I married her. Sabi nya if di ko sya pinakasalan, she'll still raise my son and di nya ipipilit sarili nya sa akin. That made me love her more as the years pass.

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    Aug 2005
    Pakasalan mo ba ako o hindi?

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    Oct 2002
    oy, M2 and M2K - congrats ha!!!

    i think we guys should consider the following when proposing to our girlfriends -

    the way in which we ask probably means nothing to us as long as we can get the "yes", but that moment is probably something that she has been dreaming about for years, and something that she'll be talking about for years to come. we owe it to them to make it a special and memorable moment (note: not necessarily expensive).

    the same goes for the wedding itself. i made the comment once that it seemed an awfully large amount of money to spend for a glorified party, and paid a steep price for those words :hiya: again - a moment she's been dreaming about for years, and you might want to put some thought into making those dreams at least resemble reality.

    ngayon, kung sa akin lang, pwede na SMS :hihihi:

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