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    Aug 2007
    try to make eye contact, tpos bawi. then make eye contact ulit then smile naman.
    pg kumagat, lapitan nyo na. tpos always start your coversation with a compliment...

    always works. basta wag ka lng mukhang agresibo masyado...
    yun ang laging bilin ng pinsan ko na idol ko sa chicks

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    Dec 2005
    sumasakit lagi tiyan ko pag napapadaan sa sinehan o motel kaya nagpapasama ako sa chick na kasabay ko.

    ito ang tinatawag na mabahong diskarte. hehehe. pero effective.

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    Jul 2007
    from a certified chickboy (daw!)

    Just be yourself! No pretensions, no trying hard to impress but be a gentleman! The best thing that could happen is that the girl will like you for what you are. Start with friendship then if love will develop then you will be more than ok!

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    May 2006
    Be sincere . An ounce of sincerity is better than a ton of gifts.

    Also try to stay cool, relaxed when you converse; I made the mistake before of being too nervous and ended up saying a lot of meaningless things that made here upset .

    Oh yes, do believe na meron pang maraming mga Maria Clara type dyan. Those women can be the real keepers

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    Apr 2007
    advise ng friend ko:

    observe first, isip kung mag click kyo (one major thing). Sayang naman time nyo if you dont. But dont make the adjustment, like sasakay ka kung anu ung gusto nya. dapat share kayo ng idea then pag mag jive. AHA! bingo. ask her out, but dont make her feel na gusto mo sha. Be spontaneous, yan mostly gusto nila. parang hindi kyo mauubusan ng kwento, which makes her feel safe. lugi tayong guys pag sinabi mong ligawan mo sila, ksi lalaki na ulo. hahaha. make em think na.. (gusto ba nya ko or hinde) para may thrill din sa kanila. after that its up to you na, to when you'll pop out the question.

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    Feb 2005
    do everything you could think of, "You'll never know unless you try", now if you've done what you think the best you could and still nothing happens, atleast you knew! (that she doesn't like you, hehehe...) go on to the next girl...statistics will, later on, catch up with you...

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    Oct 2002
    :megaphone: paging kapitan :captain:, based sa mga posts niya mukhang siya ang expert pag dating sa mga babae...

    isa lang ang secret dyan.................................:secret:

    PASA LOAD :mobile:and sayawan niyo :banana1:

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    May 2005
    ligaw... para maging GF mo...

    nowadays di na yata uso yan... pag gusto ka ng girl, gusto ka.. pag ayaw, eh di huwag! dont bother to waste time.

    this is where maganda ang naka A/T na kotse... you could drive with one hand... grab her hands and pag di tinanggal, GF mo na sya! that's it!

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    Oct 2002
    refer to the other her up sa hospital....hehehhehe
    Last edited by shadow; October 5th, 2007 at 11:29 AM.

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    Nov 2005

    diba pag type nyo each other kayo na?

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