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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post
    But that is the point. The TS has had an ego shattering experience. His actions will help benefit him by rebuilding his ego.
    The ego is always a terrible thing to invoke, especially when it was the one that started the trouble in the first place.

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    Aug 2008
    a "prank" revenge may backfire on the aggrieved party turned prankster. it can also justify to the 3rd party that the prankster is not serious about the relationship/ is mentally incapacitated that's why the partner left.

    sabi mo nga sir *ghosthunter earlier in the thread, revenge is a dish best served cold. mas nakakatakot yun cold d'ba, kumbaga strike fear in the enemy's heart.
    so I thought yun ang pinaka-okey na isuggest, para talagang sulit. pero mali pala ako for saying that. sorry *ghost

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    Sep 2007
    i want to humbly offer a solution.

    1. buy her a new sim card (done)
    2. you should buy a new cp and use the old sim card, and wait for the text and the call of the guy.
    3. if your wife doesn't agree on this arrangement, then something is fishy.
    4. if your wife does not want you to read her cp's text, then something is fishy.
    5. if your wife deletes texts abnormally, something is fishy.
    6. if the guy manages to learn about the number of the new sim, then it's your wife who is actively pursuing the relationship.
    7. don't take the crap about her privacy, because marriage, trust and family harmony is more important than privacy.
    8. trust is the only glue that holds the family together, remove it and the house comes tumbling down.
    9. if your wife does not have the decency to be grateful for the hard work you are making to put food in the table, then dump her. she does not deserve you. don't be swayed by the "lack of time and attention" crap. that's baloney. she should understand you. she should make the same sacrifices as you do. she married you for what you are.
    10. my blood boils upon reading that your friends are even blaming you for what has happened. some friends you have!!!
    11. you know why it's worse for a woman to have an affair as far as the law is concerned? why it takes only one ***ual intercourse for her to commit adultery as opposed to a man who must cohabit first before being guilty of concubinage? its because the extra marital affair of a woman has the added risks of introducing a foreign blood into the family.
    12. to clarify, a woman may get pregnant because of her indiscretion and yet she might be shrewd enough to claim and make it appear that it is her husband's child. the husband would then get the double whammy. he was cheated upon and the product of the affair is considered his child to whom he is obligated to give support. how cruel.
    13. in the case of the husband, the same can not be true, because the husband cannot just suddenly go home bringing a child to the family and claims that said child is the child of his wife.
    14. when all else fails, read my blog:

    and pass it to the husband of the creep's new prospect.

    sorry for being brutally frank but i suspect that half of feels the same way but just can't say it.

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    Jul 2007
    ^^^ Exactly (No 9 -12). The wife deserves to be taught a lesson as well. If the husband lets her get away with what she has done then there's a big chance that she'll do it again. Cheating has serious repercussions.

    OT: Isn't there a law where a husband could get away with killing her wife and kabit if they are caught in the act (***)?

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    Sep 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy_for_you View Post
    ^^^ Exactly (No 9 -12). The wife deserves to be taught a lesson as well. If the husband lets her get away with what she has done then there's a big chance that she'll do it again. Cheating has serious repercussions.

    OT: Isn't there a law where a husband could get away with killing her wife and kabit if they are caught in the act (***)?
    its in the blog. article 247 of the revised penal code. aptly called "death under exceptional circumstances"

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    Jul 2007
    Interesting read. A parent could also kill a minor daughter if caught in the act of having ***?

    Babaeros and Lalakeros should read your blog. Maybe it could make them think twice about getting into an affair

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    Sep 2007
    yes cat. a parent can kill and maim his minor daughter and her boyfriend if he catches them having *** provided that the minor daughter still lives under the custody of the parent. (which is usually the case)

    lesson to boyfriends. never do it with minors. never do it where the parent may catch you.

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    Jun 2006
    Kumukulo dugo ko dito What more pa kaya kung sakin nangyari yon

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    Sep 2006
    [SIZE=3]To the TS,[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3] [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]You did not come here to seek advise. You came here to seek approval of what you are going to do.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]But youíre in the battlefield right now and we are at the confines of our quarters (many of us donít really have a real picture of the battle youíre dealing with). Do what you have to do then come back and ask for another advise. No harm trying our all the possible alternatives and please post some updates later. [/SIZE]

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    May 2007
    As I was reading through this thread, a lot of suggestions and pioints-of-view were given and that made me think of a lot of things.

    I may not yet be married but I have been witness to situations like these with some of my friends and even a relative at worst.

    Sometimes it makes me think a thousand times if I still want to jump on the band wagon and settle down. What would it be for me? What will be in store? I dunno!

    Marriage is an obligation and that is why we have to think it over and over again before jumping into it. It's not always a bed of roses but a rollercoaster ride. All of the hardships and challenges are part of the package and that we must accept.

    If one partner breaks down, it's the task of the other to pull him or her up. But when the trust, faith and love are gone, it will be really very hard to build it up again. Pero kung gugustuhin naman maayos, maaayos naman eh. Kelangan lang magtulungan ng mag-asawa.

    Sabi nga nila; "Kung gusto, maraming paraan. Pero kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.

    Walang makakapag-ayos nitong problema ng TS kundi silang dalawang mag-asawa lamang.

    Harinawa'y tuluyan na matapos ito para for their own piece of minds.

    Basta TS tandaan mo, kung anu man ang maisip mong sulusyon, lagi yan may consequence. It's just a matter of asking yourself, "will it be good or bad?"

    Alalahanin mo may mga anak kayo and it's best to serve as good example to your kids.

    Just my two cents...

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