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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by claRkEnt View Post
    GS (Gearspeed) had been out of circulation lately... i just hope he'll be back just for this thread.
    na miss na nga natin si GS ..musta na kaya lovelife nia

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    Oct 2007
    maging totoo kalang at wag magpanggap. magpakatotoo at pasayahin mo lang ang babaeng tipo mo..pag dika tinaggap kung ano ang pagkatao mo..then di sya para sayo..hanap uli..hehe

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Lucius View Post
    Hahahaha! Hoy tumahimik nga kayo style ko talaga since first time ako nagka-gf is ung medyo "mayabang" / "mahangin" girls just can't get enough of boys/men that knows what they're doing. Confidence is the key talaga.

    Kung panget ka, then stop whining about your kapangitan. Instead, focus on your good qualities. Be funny. And stop praising her like a goddess, cos quite frankly all WOMEN in the world eat, sleep and crap like us men -- they're no different.

    Admit ko gago talaga ako, I don't care if I lose them, so what, dali dali makahanap. Kung gwapo ka naman, then be funny na lang. Make sure you don't get her bored. Be spontaneous. Girls/women want boys/men that knows WHAT THEY WANT :naughty2: This applies to serious relationships, flings & m.u.s :naughty2:

    Wag torpe torpe, uwi ka lang malungkot
    bro boeing...^^^^ ito na sagot...hehehe

    Quote Originally Posted by BoEinG_747 View Post
    iisa lang ba si Lucious at si kapitan ?

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