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    Nov 2002
    genetic or not, human has a heart that serves more than the brain, the feelings and emotion are most inexplicable quality of a human being...

    the choice to stick with the marriage is a decision of the couple...

    when you take the vow, you gave your word also to god, so stand by the words you had spoken.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by VtEC View Post
    i may agree on this on some degree but that still depends on how logical the gal is.she may always ask her mother/sister for advises but then again, if she will just weigh everything that had happened to their family, most probably she will stick to her husband to be.
    ok, count the logical gals you know besides your 6 year old (or younger) daughter! sige nga kung meron hehehehe!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by yebo View Post
    ok, count the logical gals you know besides your 6 year old (or younger) daughter! sige nga kung meron hehehehe!
    ^ WAHAHAHAHA you beat me to it ninong :D

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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by yebo View Post
    ok, count the logical gals you know besides your 6 year old (or younger) daughter! sige nga kung meron hehehehe!

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    Jun 2006
    I was about to say no but then i remembered someone...

    By all means, we shouldn't blame them for whatever happened to their parents. It's not their fault.

    Years ago, I had a girlfriend I met through one of my ex's.

    Both of her parents have diff live-in partners. I presented her to my parents. My parents were civil when they met her but the next day, told me to get rid of her because she's from a broken family and would entail a lot of troubles. For me, she's a fine sweet girl who grew up with her grandma.

    I didn't listen. I stood up to my decision and fought for her. Eventually, problems arose and I can't take it anymore and had to call it quits with her.

    I was really sorry for ending the relationship but I had to. I was becoming a different person, not the one I'd prefer whenever we'd have a fight.

    We didn't talk for so many years. Recently, she called me. Sorry was the first word i uttered. All those years, I was really sorry for what happened.

    Learned that after me, she got married but now, she's separated.. with two kids. It's not her fault, her husband cheated her.

    I'm sad for what happened in her life but for some weird reason, it shows that my parents' advice were correct.


    A Pastor from Words of life, discussed about Generational Curse. It's when your forefathers commited really grave sins and the repercussions of the said sins ripple up to the 5th generation descendants of that person. AFAIK, Sickness & Problems (like Divorce and Alcoholism) were some of those repercussions.

    This generational curse can be cancelled. Seek your Parish or Pastor's assistance.


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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Memphis Raines View Post
    My brother is in a dilemma right now because he and his girlfriend of 3 years are starting to talk about the prospect of getting married by summer of next year.

    We've known the girl for about 10 years and we also know very well the marriage history of her family. Her mom and dad had split and both have had their own "live-in" partners. Her only sister had also just recently split with her husband of 9 years of which she has two kids. Barely 2 years after the split, she has her new live-in partner.

    My only Bro is now worried that this might happen to them if they tie the knot I used to kid around with him about this but now I realize that it can happen. Or not . My bro trusts the love between them but I guess he took my "everything changes when you get married" statement seriously .

    Is it possible for divorce to be a genetic thing or was the history explained above just pure coincidence?

    I don't think it has anything to do with genetics. However, the GF and her family's perception of action and consequence (parang right and wrong) makes divorce more probable.

    To people who have family and close friends that have experienced divorced and live through it, getting a divorce themselves could be an easier way out when a couple encounter challenging situations.

    The environment where a couple will stay (countries with divorce US, EU, HK,...etc) will also increase the probablity of divorce. Come to think of it, kahit sa office lang, pag maraming divorced, ganun din.

    Unfortunately, divorce is already a part of the human exceptions, regardless of ***, culture, age, and religious beliefs (even for practicing Catholics via annulment). Panahon pa ni Moses yan.

    Though I'm against divorce (who isn't, when in love?), there are times that I personally feel it's the only way. Ang tawag ng mga kano diyan eh...irreconcilable differences.

    Bottom line is: Divorce comes with the marriage territory. It's totally up to the couple kung gustong nila mag divorce in the future. But, also remember that marriage is a sacrifice, and to sacrifice is to love. Pag mahal mo talaga, hindi ka mag didivorce....ititiis mo yan. Marriage is the true test of love.
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    May 2006
    Great insights guys!

    CHIP - That's what we both we're discussing over a coupla beers yesterday. It may not be "in the blood" kumbaga but then when we get married, we don't only marry the girl but her family as well and yep you hit it right on the head because her main confidant is her one and only sister.

    jedi - I agree, it may all be just in the head. If they think negatively then the more they will be at risk of losing it. I think their love for each other will prevail over all challenges, hopefully.

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    May 2006
    Horsepower - Parents know best ba? In our case, maybe mother knows best. Our mom has gotten to know her over the years that they have been on with my bro. So far she finds nothing wrong with her, very malambing daw and very thoughtful.

    My moms only concern is that she is very liberated, reminds her of some "american culture". Can't blame my mom since she is very conservative.

    As far as I'm concerned, being liberal can't be that bad of a thing.

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    Jun 2006
    MR: yup, kakaiba talaga pag parents esp mother. They know. hehe.

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    Dec 2005
    it's not necessarily genetic, but it seems to run in their family.

    what i mean is, the family don't seem to value the sanctity of marriage. i don't know exactly the reasons why the parents and the sister divorced, but i'd hate to think that it was a quick fix to whatever it was they were going through at the time.

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Can divorce run in the family?