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    Interesting case. College sweethearts pa naman...

    Tañada’s wife gets nothing
    February 14,2011

    NO wonder the estranged wife of House Deputy Speaker Lorenzo “Erin” Tañada III is fighting her husband all the way to the Supreme Court, despite the couple already having obtained a Church annulment of their marriage way back in 2002.

    Not only did the courts award the custody of their two boys, now aged 16 and 11, to the congressman, Julie Balarbar-Tañada, a marketing professor at the Asian Institute of Management and De La Salle University, was also given no property or financial settlement as a result of the split.


    “There is no liquidation, partition and distribution of any property since the parties did not bring or acquire any real property during the marriage,” said Makati Regional Court Judge Rebecca Mariano in her June 26, 2007 decision on the petition for the declaration of nullity of the Quezon congressman’s marriage.

    To make matters worse for Balarbar, the Office of the Solicitor General, which as a matter of duty defends the institution of marriage, this time agreed with the Quezon congressman and did not appeal the Makati court’s decision.

    Reading from the regional trial and appellate court decisions, Balarbar, who married Tañada in 1993 after six years of going steady, never stood a chance in the litigation.

    Not only did the Quezon congressman had the Church annulment decision as exhibit when he lodged the case in 2004, Tañada also presented a clinical psychologist, Dr. Natividad Dayan, and a priest, Raffy Cruz, to lay the basis of the ground for annulment: psychological incapacity to comply with the essential marital obligations.

    The trial’s biggest irony was that the wife (not Tañada, as reported in this space Friday) presented her mother, retired La Salle English professor Dr. Corazon Balarbar, as her witness, but the court ended up using the good mother’s testimony against the daughter.

    “When Corazon Balarbar confronted her daughter to stop seeing her ‘particular friend,’ appellant refused,” Associate Justice Jane Aurora Lantion said in the Nov. 25, 2010 decision.

    “In addition, [Makati RTC Judge Rebecca Mariano] issued an order on Oct. 22, 2007, strictly enjoining appellant [Julie Balarbar-Tañada] from bringing her boyfriend and/or male friends into the family home [in San Lorenzo Village] and from exposing the young and common children to her inappropriate relationships pending resolution of the case,” Lantion said.
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    [email protected] sa ulo ?

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    By the mother?


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    Tanong dyan....bakit pa nag-"boyfriend" si Mrs. Tanada?
    Ano pagkukulang ni Congressman, considering na nasa "poder" ang asawa nya, kilalang angkan, may pera?

    Baka maikli ang kuwan nya...............

    .......ang pasensya.

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    yung lalaki op ang nag wagi dito..tama ba?

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    Ala Chavit si congressman, may picture ba ni misis na available, baka hot mama kaya inaasinta ng mga bagets

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    Quote Originally Posted by actor21 View Post
    yung lalaki op ang nag wagi dito..tama ba?
    yep...from the description above, ni singkong duling, walang makukuha si mrs.
    pati anak na kay congessman, kaya walang sustento.

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    Oct 2008
    ...Am I dreaming? Is this proof that there still exists some amount of common sense within our justice system?

    Of course wife should get squat. She was the one who ruined the marriage by committing adultery.

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    Forty something si Misis...Professor sa DLSU pa naman.

    Julie B. Tañada is a professor of Advertising and Marketing at the De La Salle University and an adjunct MBA professor at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). She advocates social marketing and corporate social responsibility.

    We at Filipino Matters believe that national pride, dignity and social responsibility are key elements in building a strong nation.

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