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    Aug 2003
    i may have misinterpreted some of the postings i've come across, pero i got the impression that a 1.3 liters is just too small a displacement for a turbocharger to make any improvement in power output. i've been contemplating putting one on my stock 2e engine(just for the heck of it B)

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    Aug 2004
    Not useless per se, but the cost of turbocharging a 1.3 is usually a bit steep as compared to swapping the engine itself.

    That said, without major work on the internals of the engine, I suppose 120-130hp at around 5-6 psi is realistic for a stock-block 1.3 liter engine. If that's a carburated engine, good luck tuning it for boost. You'll need to upgrade to a bigger carb and a better fuel supply.

    What's the 2e? Sprinter? If we're talking FWD Toyotas here, it might be simpler to swap in a 1.3 turbo (110hp stock, tunable for much more). I'm not sure if one exists for RWD Toyota mounts.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Dec 2003
    not useless but why bother? its not worth it

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    Oct 2002
    yes, it's useless. imo.

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    kung ung stock engine ay 1300 NA(or kahit anong displacement), sa akin lang wag na...unless siguro wala ka nang mapagtapunan ng pera mo...or just dont want to change ung records sa LTO.

    pero may 1300 na may turbo,a: ung pinapalit sa charade...may 660cc pa nga,e....mga jimny/supercarry(every) vans na galing sa japan.

    swap ka nalang ng much bigger engine or get a turbo-version ng engine na un...

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    Oct 2002
    ung starlet gt diba 1.3 turbo?

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    Apr 2004
    1.3 ata yung 4efte (starlet).. try engine swap na lang.

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    May 2005
    how bout putting simul?may mga nabasa kasi ako tungkol dun.

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    Aug 2004
    may jazz idsi nga na nka turbo eh!

    sa gd united ng

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    Oct 2002
    badkuk...upgrade ka na lang ng ride 1.6 or 2.0 ;)

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turbocharging a 1.3L engine: useless?