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    typically, the wearing parts of a cvt are the chain and the pulleys both input and output and clutches. if the magnet at the bottom of the oil pan doesn't have a lot of metallic debris, it should still be serviceable. if they wear out, just replace the worn parts. just wondering if there are reputable shops in manila that rebuilds transmissions. or the other option, if there are remanufactured transmissions available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Kamiya View Post
    Fair comments, there lots of CVTs from around 2005-2007 still on the road having racked up over 100k kms. Camry 2.4Vs, Mitsubishi Grandis, Lancer Cedia and EX with Invecs-III, etc.
    Forester XTs from 2014 are about to turn ten years old and those are a high power, high torque application.

    My thinking here is not that something is definitely going to go wrong, but at 10 years old something might -- and I'd rather not be on the receiving end of that trouble (and repair bill hehe).
    but is there a statistical odometer reading, at about which time the CVT breaking down becomes a statistically losing proposition ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Cathy_ View Post
    Oh no!!! It means I really have to sell my car on the 10th year I usually keep my cars for 15 yrs (when problems from old age e hindi na maiiwasan)
    CVT po ba yung car na yan? I thought manual lahat car mo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Cathy_ View Post
    I want to rant about my 2014 Altis. It only has 41k kms, rarely used and yet I am having problems. It's the first batch of Gen 11 kasi, got it on the first month it was released kaya feeling ko dami pang bugs

    I was driving it today when suddenly I felt the car shaking while on stop (drive and pressing on the brake) Idling went down to 800. I thought it was just a glitch but it went on until I got home (more or less 5 kms). It felt like I was driving on rumble strips and the engine had a hard time going up to 2000 rpm at 60/80 kph. The car was really shaking even on neutral. Good thing I made it home
    Nangyari din to sakin 4 years ago. One known carshop quoted me 13K. Ang sagot, spark plugs. Kasama na sa pms sa daduz auto, pay extra na lang sa parts. Left the shop only paying 5k (though yung atf nun at may ginawang pang ilalim sa labas ko na pinagawa kasi wala silang parts and machine).

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