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    Jan 2004
    Ok tuloy ang test bukas, according to the representative of CEO they are willing to take the "No Oil no Water running vehicle test" for not less than 20 mins. venue is at Petron near autoplus... d lang ako sure kung san to... time is 10:30 - 11:00 AM... pag nalaman ko kung san to i'll be there to witness this... see you all there!

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    Oct 2002
    Petron near autoplus...

    that would be the big petron station at EDSA cor. Connecticut St. yun yung may rally civic ni vip isada na nakadisplay.

    may caltex right across that petron station, on the opposite side of connecticut

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    Oct 2002
    balita ko si Eddie Gil daw ang endorser ng product na yan ha!

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    Oct 2002
    Hindi pa ba nagsasawa ang mga tao sa ganito style na pagbebenta?
    Imo, there's no need to claim the best case gains, just claim the more mundane everyday gains that everyday people will see on their everyday cars.

    If it works fine, if it doesn't, there's one born every minute.
    Let's just hope it's not one of us.

    Kudos to Migs for initiating the test.
    Hopefully you can document the proceedings & let us know.

    More conclusive sana the test if you can test a number of cars that are consistent or already know in terms of their power production aspect.

    Maybe a test batch like this:

    1 everyday car with no mod whatsoever.
    1 everyday car with the typical bolt ons most enthusiasts do.
    1 everyday car with the typical bolt ons most enthusiasts do that's been dynotuned.

    Then after 5,000 kilometers with the product that were applied to the engines, dynotest the cars again.

    Preferably cars have similar mileage readings.

    Let's all hope the tests are conclusive & the product is half as good as it claims with real long term benefits.

    If ever ang panalo dito ay ang general public.

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    Oct 2002
    Eddie Gil ba? :bwahaha: ano bang alam niya sa kotse?

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    Oct 2002
    pa-dyno test ko na rin yung turbo-pyramid ko pwede? mileage test na din, bigyan ko kayo ng tig-isa tapos tignan natin epek sa mileage ng car nyo. eto sigurado 100% increase in both power and efficiency!

    kaya lang may drawback. yung pusa na natutulog sa ilalim ng kotse ko naging mummy!

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    Oct 2002
    the dyno test was inconclusive. a gain of 0.9 hp was recorded, which is within the margin of error of the instrument. ito yung post ni speedyfix sa kotse:


    "guys, ang dami ko nakuha na texts from you asking for the results starting kanina pa... kulit ninyo! hehehe!

    anyway, here goes...

    met ceo, vp admin and others in petron kanina around 940. we headed to autoplus for the dyno pero sarado pa. they opened at 10 then we went in and waited for francisco to arrive (sya yung gumagawa ng dyno runs and is one of the best mechanics/engine builders in the philippines). some of his credentials are building a 10 second hatchback, 2 10 second evolutions, extracting 618hp out of a 4 cylinder engine and tuning most of the AF3 engines.

    when he arrived, they strapped the honda city test car onto the dyno. he made 3 passes without the additive and registered a best of 76 hp. after, they poured in the additive and the first test registered slightly lower hp at something like 74.8. the next was at 76.5 and the final run with the additive registered at 76.9 for a total gain of .9 hp. for the 25% increase to hold true, the car should have registered 95 hp after the additive. differences of +-1hp are negligible and according to them, are almost the same as the other oil additives they have tested.

    after the dyno run, francisco gave a mini lecture on the difference between a compression test, static compression of the engine, and many other things. he also explained the different ways of testing and how one can differ from another. he also told us ways for the previous tests conducted by nissan to be inconclusive with regard to the compression tests.

    other tests such as running without the oil and water were not conducted. in talking to ceo, they plan to bring a car to the batangas racing circuit this comming august 1 so francisco can try high speed and load testing there. if he can drive it for prolonged periods on the track without the engine seizing then it will be quite a feat. ceo brought a taxi kanina the allegedly ran for 8 months without oil(pero nung dinukot yung dipstick kanina meron konte). i wouldn't recommend that anyone do this tho...

    word of warning to ceo tho... better bring a car with an inexpensive engine so if it blows di mahal magpalit.

    all in all, points were proven today. ceo also plans to rethink their marketing strategy and promises that the product made to the public.

    again, i have no comment on the running without oil and water yet, nor the lubrication properties of the substance. we merely tried to see if the hp claim was true and it turned out false. for those na ok lang gumastos ng money for a maximum of .9hp increase then please do contact ceo and his company to get the product.

    for the rest, i hope this small test we did serves to educate you to not believe everything you hear and read, lalo na with miracle products. always question, always wonder, always be sceptical.

    thanks again to ceo and the rest of his staff for being gracious despite the unfavorable results.

    hope this answers all of the questions regarding the test today.
    Migs - 09175347636
    SpeedyFix - 7237625
    412 Torres St. Corner Shaw Blvd
    Right Beside Toyota"


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    Jan 2004
    Haay buhay. Talagang may tatlong klase ng tao. Mga nanloloko, mga nagpapaloko, at mga loko-loko. :D

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    Oct 2002
    teka asan yung sideshow raw ?? hehehehehe

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    Apr 2004
    oh well...

    kahit na skeptical din ako nung una, umaasa pa din ako na maging totoo. hehe so much for wishful thinking.

    ano na balita dun sa suntukan? natuloy ba?

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