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    Jul 2003
    SAE 40 Grade of oil, is best for Philippine Climate.
    The ambient temperature for this oil, is from 5deg.Celsius to 40deg.Celsius.
    So good enough to lubricate the engine with high temperatures.

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    Apr 2004
    better than multigrade??

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    Aug 2003
    the sae40 is ok for philippine conditions. that's the sae i use for small air cooled gasoline engines.

    but to say that it is the best is misleading. the viscosity of an engine oil is only one of many considerations in choosing which engine oil is best for a particular application. i still have to see an sae40 monograde with the superior additives and detergency of the multigrades.

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    Sep 2005
    Funny, i read in an article that multigrade is always better than monograde simply because of its ability to maintain constant viscosity in wide temperature levels. The numbers in multigrades (ex. 15w-40) correspond to measurement of liquid viscosity (viscosity naman is measure of how fast a fluid pases thru a standard tube/pipe) which corresponds to the lowest engine temp and highest engine temp. IN effect the multigrade will not exceed a deviation of 25pt. viscosity from cold start to fully warm engine. That's why the article said multigrades are least thats what it said....that's also why multigrades are more expensive than monogrades.

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    Nov 2004
    i just bought Total Rubia B 40 Monograde Oil. Do you think I can use this with my pajero?

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    Oct 2002
    Multigrade oils usually have higher API ratings then monogrades and their oil viscosity range is effective even during cold start-up temperatures (as slipstreamer mentioned).

    If you check the owners manual, the recommended oil viscosity i see for our temperature range is 15W-40 (which in effect also includes 40 as Acenie mentioned).

    I guess to correct the statement (IMO), for our weather conditions the viscosity level should reach up to 40.

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    Dec 2003
    multigrade is better. you get good low temp protection as well as high temp protection.

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    Nov 2004
    i wasn't very carefull about this.. i bought 12 liters cos i think its really cheap.. i got it for P77 / liter in tagaytay..

    would there be any major impact on my pajero? sayang kung hindi ko gagamitin..

    this is the description.

    Rubia B 40

    Monograde oil for normally aspirated diesel engines. Rubia B40 for Detroit diesel engines.

    API CC - Meets
    US Military MIL-H-24459 - Meets
    API SF - Meets

    maybe i just need to know if it will be safe to use the oil.. i plan to change oil every 3000 kilometers.

    thanks again friends.

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    Jul 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer
    multigrade is better. you get good low temp protection as well as high temp protection.
    yah! thats true! if the temp. is below 5 deg. Cel., but here in the philippines the lower temp. is only 18 deg cel., in Baguio is only 10 deg.
    So meaning if the temp. is below 5 deg. cel. that is the time you make use of multigrade. (Ambient Temperature)

SAE 40 Best Diesel Engine Oil for PH