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    Nov 2002
    wow nabuhay ang thread! lol 2002 pa ito almost 6yrs na.

    anyways, marami nang lumipas na mga kaganapan and since then I have installed a few remote starts na on my honda civics. I think about 3 or 4 civics since then.

    zero issues naman so far. ang binili kong remote start ay iyong sa Ebay. about 2000 pesos complete na. alarm, remote entry, remote start, etc. ang dali lang mag install pala kala ko ay mahirap. first time ko ay medyo nahirapan ng kaunti pero after noon ay madali na lang.

    usually iyong mga bagong remote start ay may mga safety features like when it starts it will not accelerate if not in neutral, or if you don't press the brake pedal, or if the door is open, or if the keys are not in the car, or if you don't have the seatbelts or if the hood is open.

    there's a lot of ways to put security for a safety remote start...i guess if you are buying an alarm you might as well have this since the newer ones ay may kasama nang ganiring module

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP View Post
    Yung remote start ok na ok sa akin iyan. Mahilig kasi ako gumamit ng cabin heater sa umaga on my way to school. Hindi naman gagana yung heater unless mainit na yung makina. Hehehe. Ok na pang warm up ito remote start. Papaandarin ko na yung sasakyan habang naliligo ako.
    You need to warm up a car in the Philippines? Sorry, no harm intended. I'm trying to imagine it and I can't help but giggle.... Me, if there's no frost, ice, snow, or if standing water outside is liquid, I just drive and go.

    I agree. An autostart is good for cold weather. By that I mean biting cold weather.
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    Jun 2007
    The remote start is a standard accessory in my 3.2 strada a/t. This coupled with "automatic aircon on" option, I find it useful to cool my cabin when parked under the sun before I ride it, although, I don't use it frequently. Other than that, parang novelty lang ito, imo. I still can't think of other situations where it will be of great use. BTW, the auto start of my strada will start only if the shifter is in P.

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Remote START sa Car OK BA TO?