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    Sep 2004

    what is the recommended fuel for 97 lancer gl?..wala ksi ako manual kya dko alam...

    additional question...masama ba yng nag-hahalo ang gas?...what is the proper way/process pag gus2 mong magtest ng ibang gasoline para malaman kng anong babagay sa ktse...

    also, may masamang effect ba ang papalit-palit ng gas? (because of testing)


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    Oct 2002
    most (if not all) jap compact cars recommend a 93 octane gasoline.

    to test... medyo long-term yan. fill-up a few full-tank's worth of gasoline and observe the car's behaviour during the said time.

    wala namang masama sa pagpapalit-palit ng gas. recommended lang naman to stick to one gasoline brand, but not necessary.

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    Jan 2004
    i once had a mitsu gl 97 and people thought na may tuning na ginawa sa makina when i was selling it (sold it this jan). all the people who test drove it asked me kung ginalaw ang makina (its carb btw), i've used the shell high octane gas (velocity) and it has some improvements than using the casual unleaded premium gas. for the fuel injected cars, di ko lang alam since the amt of gas being burned is controlled by the settings/chip (or i may be wrong, hehehe). sa paghalo, i guess it would be ok but if you want to compare kung may pagkakaiba (like they have high octane gas sa petron; blaze ata yun) then use up the gas in your tank then load it up with another gas

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    Sep 2004
    thanks sir...paubos na yng unleaded na knarga ko...fill up ko ng blaze next tym...

recommended fuel for lancer gl