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    Jan 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by IckaPelayo View Post
    icka po, anyway, we haven't tested it yet so im not recommending it. we're still selling racechip pro, and the 20% off is extended til the end of april. would you like to avail sir? 09273701379
    meron bang racechip na pang Innova VVTi?

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    Dec 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by homhomnova View Post
    meron bang racechip na pang Innova VVTi?
    Racechips, as of now, are for CRDI diesel engines only. 😄


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    Oct 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by jedi View Post
    This is the official thread for the RaceChip Pro Diesel Tuning Chip. Feel free to post your inquiries, feedback and comments. Our friends from RaceChip will be here to assist us.

    I will update this thread soon with more pictures and information.

    Racechip is also available at Tsikot Shop Taguig
    with 2 years warranty

    Tsikot Shop is an authorized dealer of RaceChip is an authorized online seller of RaceChip ( tsikot online store )
    Can you please post your BUSINESS TIN. Di namin kayo mahanap sa database namin sa BIR.

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    Oct 2014
    ilang hp ang kayang nyang maidagdag sa everest? parang maganda kasi

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    Oct 2014
    ilang hp kaya niang idagdag sa everest?

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by RIPmyBrother View Post
    I know that Tuning Boxes like the Race Chip Box are improving the Power and Torque but this is NOT Chip Tuning.
    Chip Tuning is to modifiy the mapping from the stock setup in the ECU.
    During this process are changed some parameters like injection timing,
    that means the time WHEN and HOW long the fuel is injected is changed.
    At Gasoline Engines is the ignition timing curve will be modified as well.
    This Tuning box changed only the pressure from the fuel pump with the result the the fuel pump is worn out earlier because the fuel pump is running always at a higher level than the it should run.
    The effect from this tuning is that during the injection time will be more fuel flows through the injectors with the result that the engine produce more power and torque.
    To be honest you have more power but you or the next owner will pay for it because soon or later the injection pump will fail.
    O.K., not all cars have a defect with the fuel pump after using a tuning box, this is depending from a lot of paramters (the time the box is used, milage, driving style) but you are in danger that this can happen.
    I am a German and in Germany this "Tuning" is not said as a professional way, this is the quick and dirty way to have more power.
    Mostly driver from company cars or leasing cars like that way because afther the using period from 1-3 years thay give the car back and the box is for maintanence or repair easily removed tho avoid problems with the warrenty, company or leasing company.
    They dont care for the car like a normal owner do, they give after the using period the car back and that is it.
    I go to a professionel chip tuner, he read out the mapping, modify it and download it back to the ECU, than a testdrive or a dynorun to check of all paramters (e.g. EGT is very important) and it is finished.
    I pay for my Peugeot 2012 308 wagon with a 2.0 Turbodiesel Intercooler 430,- Euro/26k Pesos plus 60,- Euro/3600 Pesos for one dyno run (need normaly 1-3 runs) and one year warrenty from the tuner for my drivetrain is included.
    Stock power is 150hp and 340Nm at 2000rpm, after remapping was 188 hp and 410Nm at 2000rpm and the max speed is improved from 205km/h to 217km/h (real measured with GPS and not with the speedo).
    Real horsepower measured on the dyno and the fuel consumption is reduced from 14,7 km per liter to 16,2 km per liter diesel.
    I can have a longer warrenty time but than the tuner charge me a yearly rate, this is depending from the absolute milage from the car and cost around 150-200,- Euro/9-12k Pesos a year up to 150k km.
    I know you can not compare both countrys but you should search a prof. tuner with a good reputation to have more power and a better fuel consumption.
    Sorry Race Chip,
    i only tell the truths, i belive we should be honest together because in worst case it can cost a lot when the fuel pump get defective.
    It make sense!

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    Jul 2015
    Available pa po ba ito?

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    Sep 2015
    ..mukhang magandang product to eh

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    Jul 2013
    may gumagamit po ba dyan racechip pro from strada or montero? ano po settings nyo? hehehe

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    Dec 2009
    hello sirs, anyone who knows how to install racechip pro2 on a isuzu dmax 2010 4jj1 engine?
    baka pwede pa share, tnx

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