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    Quote Originally Posted by RafRaf View Post
    oh dear. if that is the case i wonder why the mitsu casa used rimula x on my adventure. akala ko all the while pwede itong rimula x sa AUV since sila ang naglagay (hindi ko naman ni-request ito nung nagpachange oil ako, sabi ko lang mineral ang gamitin... basta yun ang ginamit nila).

    I'm inclined now to use shell helix diesel super sa next oil change like sir bratski. meanwhile, wala kayang adverse effect ang paggamit nung rimula x until my next change?
    Kung minsan kasi yong mga loko na taga casa kapag Adventure Rimula X ang gingamit kasi naka design kasi ang Adventure for 10pax diba? kung puno ka hindi ka masyado mag high speed so ok lang ang Rimula X. Pero hindi nila alam masmadalas na owner and Family lang ang sakay ng Adventure.

    Kung ilang KM. nalang at due na change oil kana or iwas lang masyadong high speed. Sa morning naman when engine starting avoid steping on gas pedal dont turn on your AC agad wait for a min. or two for oil to criculate.
    Don't wory oil parin naman ang Rimula X gawin mo lang mga sinabi ko ok lang yan. Atsaka knowing 4D56 yan na yata ang pinaka matibay na Diesel engine na alam ko.

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    Hi All!

    Here's my take on this:

    Just follow the specs in your manual and you should be OK.

    I'm currently using Rimula X in my rig and it's running great!

    While I would like to try Helix Diesel, my finances are a bit restrictive at the moment

    As for start ups, I just do what my manual says. Let my engine run for about 10 seconds, then it's good to go.

    But of course, you have to drive gently until it gets to normal operating temps before actually pushing it.

    Following your maintenance schedule is also a good idea.

    While going all out in terms of cost for your rig is not bad if you can afford it, NEVER, EVER, skimp on the parts and consumables that you will use on your rig.

    It'll definitely bite you in the *$$ someday. Most likely sooner than later.

    Hope this helps.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bratski View Post
    im currently inclined to shell helix diesel in my next oil change,my ride is ford everest and may nagsabi taga ford na if you use shell oils extend nila engine warranty to 3 years. Why is that so? are shell diesel oils significantly better than other brands? ...
    It's because Ford and Shell have a tie-up. It's a marketing thing for mutual benefit. IMO, maganda 'tong ganitong marketing schemes.

    Back to regular progamming...

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    Oct 2004
    for a second there i thought mas maganda talaga shell oils hehehe, but honestly pag diesel ride ok rin talaga ito, sa gas naman other brands are better

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Question on shell oils