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    Oct 2002
    H22 nasa 100k ata. pero mas mahal parin ata B18C

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    mas in-demand parin ang b18c kasa sa h22a ata...

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    Oct 2002
    quick & easy steps to have a faster car:

    1. sell your 1.3L econo car
    2. buy a 2nd hand galant / accord / cefiro / 626 / altima

  4. #44 ang pinopoint out ko sa kanya...

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    Mar 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by ssaloon View Post
    H22 nasa 100k ata. pero mas mahal parin ata B18C
    dito samin may surplusang nag bebenta H22 90k completong engine tapos b18b nasa 60k ata!

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    Oct 2006
    would u give me an advice, im thinking of selling the hb, how much would it be? will i sell it to a buynsel shop, or trade it in, or sell it to an end user? then what do u think lets say ill buy a galnt 96 v6 24v, or a cefiro, or an 89 mb 230e or 95?96 bmw 325.. im thinking of getting a big car na lang, and second hand lux. cars usually are priced better, than a corolla, or honda.., nissan and mitsubishi are priced ok, those 2.0 displacement cars are ok with me because it was priced at a premium when new, and if bought second hand, its quite reasonable what d u think...

    any pros and cons, any advice..

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    Sep 2005
    Buying second hand 2.0 liter engine is ok, pero kailangan malalim din bulsa mo para marami kang pambili ng gasolina, maninibago ka if ur former ride is a 1300cc na matipid sa gas. tapos pagdating mo sa bigger displacement engine medyo malakas talaga konsumo pero i think masasatisfy ka naman sa ride ng kotse.

    para sa akin okie lang na medyo malakas sa gaso basta hindi masakit katawan ko after ko mag drive dahil sarap sakyan ng bigger cars. kahit medyo luma na ung kotse ko.

    my advise to you is that u consider kung ano ung mas gusto mo o ano ung hanap mo sa isang kotse. kung ano ung mas gusto mo eh di dun ka!

    hope this help

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    Aug 2004
    Actually, if there's nothing wrong with the hatchback, keep it!

    With a budget of 40k, you only have enough for some decent tires and exhaust pipes. Not really much.

    But power isn't everything. You can sell your 1.3 to buy a powerful 2.0 car, but it won't be as direct or nimble as your 1.3. That power would be useable mostly in a straight line, and come the curves, there's very little difference. Heck, even though I enjoyed the 626, the 1.3 Sentra we sold it for was more fun, even if it was much slower. You could rev the hell out of it going up a mountain road, on the limit of cornering, and you still wouldn't be going too fast for safety. With my current Lynx 2.0? The limits of the engine and handling are kind of dangerous to explore off the track!

    Keep the car. Invest in a good suspension. Good tires. Good brake pads. Join autocrosses and track days if you want speed. Just ask some of the guys who do it... you can have fun with a 1.3 (don't expect to win, though... )... I did that before with our Sentra. Focus on car control before speed, build up your skill and your car. When your car handles well and brakes well, only then can you focus on power.

    I once had an opportunity to meet the dad of the kid who killed himself on C5 so many years back in a 4AGZE equipped Corolla. He felt really bad about not refusing the keys to his son, even though he knew the stock brakes still needed upgrading to handle the power. Power is no joke, and it's always the last thing you should work on, after you're sure everything else works properly.

    Power is nothing. 40k? Sell your stock engine for 10k, then you'll have enough for a D15B swap or even an SR20 swap (I've seen it done... that engine is a torque monster compared to the Honda mills, and it'll give you very quick quarter miles)... but you won't have the brakes, tires or suspension to handle that power, and it'll be frustrating, as you won't find many times or places to use that power without endangering yourself.

    Control is everything. ;)
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    4EFTE na charade ka na lang....tapos itong usapan na ito.

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    May 2005
    If you wanna keep the car, you can opt for either a D15B or ZC swap... Pero I would personally recommend the latter... ;)

    Medyo kelangan mo nga lang i-stretch ng onti budget mo to around 45K...

    Swak na yun for everything (i.e. palit gas tank, ECU, rewire, etc)...

    Kontakin mo H3 at 09178502088 for a worry-free engine swap... Look for Bong...

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