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    Nov 2003
    i'm pretty sure they're not. group V is ester based oil and mobil 1 does not have an oil that is ester based locally. only motul 300v (not all motul oils are group V) and redline if i'm not mistaken are the group V that are available here.

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    Apr 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by kutangbato View Post

    does it mean na ang Royal Purple ay group 5 oil?
    sir....going back to ang Royal Purple ay hindi Group 5 oil?....

    And ung mga imported na Mobil 1 ay considered Group 5 ester based oil.

    HELP Please.

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    Nov 2003
    RP is group IV. it's a PAO oil.

    again i doubt mobil 1 even if imported is ester. it's normally a group 3 composed of a mineral base stock with synthetic additives.

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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by speedyfix View Post
    RP is group IV. it's a PAO oil.

    again i doubt mobil 1 even if imported is ester. it's normally a group 3 composed of a mineral base stock with synthetic additives.
    I can't find the file that I read somewhere before but Mobil 1 is PAO oil as well. Hindi nga group V, group IV. Ester based. Anyway, it's good oil. Factory used by BMW, Porsche, MB and other high-end cars. RP and Motul are race inspired as well so talagang maganda din. Pareho pati price maganda.

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    Nov 2003
    group iv is not ester based. only group v is.

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    Mar 2011
    Question po, kakatapos ko lang po magchange oil with synthetic oil. pwede po ba na ang idagdag ko if kulangin na xa is mineral oil? pano po if vice versa naman po... salamat po sa makakasagot.

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    Mar 2004
    You should not mix different types of oil and you should only use 1 brand of the same type of oil, for example, you must not mix Shell synthetic oil with Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

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    Nov 2003
    it's better to mix kaysa maubusan ka ng oil, but i wouldn't leave it long and i'd replace it the first chance i could.

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    Mar 2008
    para sa akin SAE 0-50 fully synthetic with grade SM / CD + additive ang mas prefered ko less buting-ting at pino ang andar ng engine more HP, quick response, basta ikanga pag tingin mo dapat palitan na ang oil palit na para hindi cya magka sludge

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    May 2009
    Before pouring any oil into your engine, consider the condition and type of driving you do. Check also your vehicle's warranty with regards to use of synth or mineral oils. Generally, it is a modest move to use mineral oil in both brand new and older, high mileage engines. I say again, except for some which requires the use of synthetics as per factory specs on brand new engines today.

    Synthetics compared to mineral oils are so slippery they may prevent proper break-in of engines. Older engines are looser and tend to use more oil. Synthetics will pass through worn-out parts like the piston rings and will be used up faster than mineral oils. If your car have, at present, leaks and uses oil, it will leak and use more synthetic oil.

    Synthetic oil reduce friction and give greater fuel mileage for most highway driving. Under this condition, the replacement interval is extended provided the filter will do good at that interval. if filter can't do it's job, contaminants will build up inside the engine, no matter what type of oil we use.

    As per my info, vehicles driven hard i.e. stop-and-go, short distances and similar situations, require servicing more frequently. In this situation a synthetic may not be a wise investment because for the main reason that you cannot take advantage of the long recommended change interval of synthetic oils.

    AS for the oil that i use, I'm using Delo gold 15w-40. I've been debating myself for what to use next for some experiment and my choices are Valvoline premium and mobil. Mineral multigrade.

    AS per my experiment with the tractors we maintain at my workplace, we have so far used Total Rubia mono, Castrol CR-B and Delo gold monograde. I mean no harm to the Castrol brand but what I observed is that it took about two weeks time for this oil to darken. The other two took only a few hours of use.

Mineral , semi synthetic or fully synthetic?