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    Feb 2004
    sarap siguro kung diesel yan.

    i can't imagine what kind of fuel consumption that does with those 38s. siguro nasa 4 to 5 kms per liter lang yan, parang F150 ko na naka 33s dati

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    Nov 2002
    pamatay nga un gas.haha.. nag option lang kame ng gas because of the offer.. pero ayun.. may nakita dad ko na imperfections.. ayaw na... search for other SUV's na lang

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    Feb 2004
    in my own personal experience lang, i am saving about P800 a week in fuel because of my shift from my F150 to my gen 2 pajero. dati 1500 a week ako. ngayon, mataas na ang 700 a week.

    problema lang, laki ng price difference sa gas and diesel na Land Cruiser.

    but if i had to do it all over again, diesel na talaga ako, sa simula pa lang but thats just my opinion


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    Nov 2002
    searching for a diesel naman e.. medyo sumingit lang sa scene eto.hahaha

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    Oct 2002
    03Jun2004 (UTC -7)

    Originally posted by PROMDIBOY
    ... full time kasi kaya siguro malakas sa gas. ...
    More than a year ago, hindi ko na natiis ang tanong na iyan... kung mas malakas nga ba ang consumption kung full-time or part-time 4wd ang LC80. BTW, I had the same gas engine as yours, pero may supercharger at auto tranny nga lang ang sa akin.

    Anyway, kinalas ko ang front driveshaft ko and engaged the center diff lock, for about three weeks. Since miles per gallon ang measurement ko, which is less sensitive to fuel economy variations than km's per L, I didn't notice any significant difference. So, since ganuon na lang pala, I'd prefer full-time 4wd's na lang when it comes to LC80's

    But you know what really improved my fuel economy? It was a change in driving style (i.e. became more timid driver).

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    Mar 2003
    drexx thanks sa info about fulltime same tayo AT. nabasa ko kasi sa super select ng mitsu. pag 2H for fuel economy, then 4H for slippery, and so on. dun ko lang nabase yun.

    BTW kita ko LC mo sa pbase mo, LC100 and L80. Ganda pare parang monstter truck na. I cant imagine the acceleration of a super charged LC80. How ffast can you go from 0-60. I think stock 9secs kaya na.

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    Oct 2002
    Wala pa atang 5% and difference in fuel economy between fulltime mode and 2wd mode (at least in the case of the Pajero).

    So I just run it in fulltime mode para laging ready for action.
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    Jul 2006
    Hi, meron ba kayo ma-recommend na good mechanic ng LC 80 Gas 3F engine 4L carb?

    Saka madami pa kaming papagawa, fuel system, brakes, aircon, sounds. I hope I can get a reply soon. Thank you!

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