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Pg 34 (2005-06 Innova manual)

Filler cap? Is this the same as the fuel tank cap?

What needs to be changed inorder to prevent the problem (dents and leaks)?

Hope you can provide pics. Thanks!
Yes it is. Would be best to have it replaced with the 2009 Innova filler cap. Its a new designed filler cap with much more breather holes and distinctively larger breather holes.

The 2005-2008 filler cap can be disassembled by unsnapping the white part away from the black outside casing. Once you took apart the white plastic part you can see the filter (plastic mess size of a 25 centavos), you can pry open the filter and you will see breather holes, if the holes is already getting signs of clogging then that's the time you need to clean it. Mine was really clogged and the soot/grime formation was already hardened like a big chunk of charcoal.