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    Dec 2008
    As long as the water level does not reach the level of your exhaust manifold, there is no danger of the water entering your engine through the exhaust pipe. And if you have a diesel engine, even if your engine stops or stalls, you can always restart it again. The compression ratio of the diesel engine is so high (20:1 up to 24:1) that the exhaust gas will just force the water out of the pipe.

    Have encountered this a lot of times in deep river crossing where the engine suddenly get doused (not submerged) by splashing water in the engine bay. The block cools down and contracts but the pistons are still hot so it takes more effort to go up and down. The engine loses power and at times, even completely stops. (This is often termed as "nalamigan"). So we just wait a short while for the pistons to cool down, and once it does, it easily starts again.

    Of course, you just have to be sure that this was what caused your engine to stall and not water entering your intakes. Otherwise, you would have hydrolock and if you try to restart your engine, say good bye to your pistons and rods.

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    Oct 2007
    Dipende sa taas ng tubig kung baha, kapag tinalo na ng water pressure ang exhust pressure, mamatay ang makina at kung talagang na abot na ang makina puwede pumasok ang tubig sa loob...

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exhaust sucks water?