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    Aug 2006
    good day to everyone,

    can anyone around here help me about my car engine, i have a toyota corolla 92, kung naka steady start yung engine ko, ok naman siya (tumakbo, hatak and everything), but when binuksan kona yung aircon, parang mamamatay na yung engine and also parang hirap talaga yung makina..

    hope some of you car gurus can help me...

    hirap kasi walang aircon eh..hehe


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    Oct 2002
    i think ur idle up mechanism, the 1 that is activated by vacuum once the aircon compressor is operating, is malfunctioning, di ba carburator yan ? check mo muna kung may mga disconnected vauum hoses , specially those coming from the intake manifold. kung hindi pa rin, have an aircon mechanic check it out.

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    Aug 2006
    Pls. check your actuator or idle up mechanism.
    Maybe its not working so the engine has a hard time
    on keeping up its rpm when you turn your aircon on.

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