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    May 2006
    Fellow tsikoteers, I'll share with you my experience yesterday for this might help some of you if ever you encounter this in the future.

    Yesterday,was a routine drive to work in alabang , about less than a kilometer before the toll gate I was running at about 80-90+ km/hr in my isuzu hilander when i felt a sudden jolt. I slowed a bit and the jolt seems to worsen.I drove till the toll gate with the jolting condition and tried to inch my way to the parking lot less than a km away from the toll gate. I thought the brake was sticking but even at idle the engine seems to jolt a couple of times within 5 seconds (parang hiccup-couple of heavy vibration).

    I rushed the car to isuzu alabang and let them diagnose since i thought engine problem na. They said parang restricted pasok ng fuel so water separator was cleaned and fuel filter was changed.Same problem, then sabi kelangan daw linisin fuel tank dahil madumi na, compression test ng engine and last injection pump calibration.

    nung inisaisa na presyo nagreact na ko sa calibration dahil it will cost me 45k for pure calibration lang w/o injectors and tatagal ng 1 week. to make the long story short i took my car to betan sa makati kesa magbayad ng 45k. injection pump was calibrated and found out putol yung 2 spring(overhaul na daw). nakauwe ako around 8pm kagabi na around 5k lang nagastos ko sa betan.

    not sure kung dapat ipost yung price pero i think those figures will help fellow tsikoteers from getting fooled next time they visit the casa.

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    May 2006
    to add lang, may nakapagsabi dati daw isuzu gencars sa betan daw dati nagpapacalibrate (so thats the reason cgro for the 1 week na hnhngi nila). pero ngayon daw nde na dun, baka nakahanap cla mas mura magcalibrate..tsk tsk kakatakot.

    my ride is more responsive na sa acceleration and sobra nabawasan engine vibration.

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    Jan 2006
    That is a good warning to tsikot peeps. Usually casa dont maintain fuel system technicians, test benches and data. Good thinking bro.

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    Nov 2005
    bright decision bro at dumirecho ka na sa betan... di ka naharang recognized na rin kasi ang betan sa calibration

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    Aug 2004
    Isuzu casa prices are really high.

    The clutch of my Crosswind cost more at the casa (by a whole truckload) than the "expensive" work done at Ford on my other car. Once we got to 60,000 kms... we had everything done elsewhere.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    May 2006
    Yeah. Casa service prices suck.


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    Aug 2010
    sir, sn po exact location ng betan s makati.. tnx a lot

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