i had my ride serviced at betan. initially, they replaced nozzle tips then there was still black smoke emitting. Then they calibrated injection pump. That's it, no more black smoke. As for the black smoke during sudden acceleration, it is a bit normal for diesel as I learned. Betan meant not to cripple your pockets by changing everything at once. If it can be 'treated' by administering the first level fix, then good, it will not cost you an arm and leg. But if it still so requires for second level fix, that is, injection calibration, no choice but to do it. That's how they normally address the problem in major contrast to most shops.

Recently, I had my ride checked due to high consumption plus there was smell of diesel all over. The calibration shop assessed that they need to replace repair kit due to leak. I brought it to Betan to have the repair kit replaced. And guess what, the same statement they made during my first visit at Betan, they need to look at the problem and see if there is really a need to replace the repair kit. Cost me 200 pesos for the leak due to washer, that would have been 6,000 to another calibration shop which gave me the first prognosis.

More power to Betan. Nowadays, it is quite hard to find shops that are sincere and service-oriented people.