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    Oct 2002
    Turbo A/T ang Crosswind ko. Advise sa akin ng karamihan is to:

    WARM-UP after starting. Pag nakita ko na umaangat na yung temp indicator, pwede ko na sya i-DRIVE.

    COOL DOWN after a long trip and/or a fast drive. 2 minutes is enough. The turbo mechanism's speed is much much faster than that of the engine kaya if engine is turned OFF kaagad, turbo will run without oil and masisisra.

    This is what I understood from the gurus here at tsikot. Correct me please kung meron mali.

    Sana makatulong.

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    Oct 2002
    letting the engine idle to normal operating temp just wastes fuel. you can drive away immediately upon starting the engine without any adverse effect, just keep the revs down until then. this has the added effect of warming up not just the engine, but also the transmission and the differentials and other parts, and warm-up will be faster like this than idling.

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    Aug 2004
    if turbo charged or super charge engine nyo try to warm up and especially cool down.

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    Oct 2002
    when you say hindi birit... is 40 kph okay?

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    Nov 2002
    Start engine..Drive immediately..Accelerate at a normal pace. Yan ang sabi sa manual ko.

    Para sa mga lengthen the life of your engine, install TURBO TIMERS..marami nyan sa Banawe.

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    Oct 2002

    yes, basta keep the revs down to about 1800 rpm or so, ok na yan

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