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    Jun 2006
    I'm thinking of doing my 1st ever engine mod. Car is a 09 Honda City. Stock everything except for a sound system setup. I do about 70% highway (SLEX and Star) and 30% city driving. I'm looking for extra power when I overtake buses and trailers on the highway.

    I can get a K&N typhoon SRI. Have relative coming over from the US this coming Jan. K&N website says it gives an additional 4hp.

    I can get a drop in K&N aftermarket air filter for around $34 from Amazon.

    Alternatively, I can go with a CAI with bypass valve from Speedlab. Will cost 14,000 for the set. Speedlab calims it will give add'l 8 hp. I've also read that it should give better FC.

    What is better?

    I'm a newbie when it comes to mods. The typhoon seems to be pretty safe. Plug and play. No danger of sucking in water. Less power. Around 2,500 pesos per hp. But looks better.

    The CAI gives more bang for the buck, 1,750 pesos per hp. It looks ugly to me. But I guess it does not matter since its hidden under the hood. Have to be very careful when I have to cross flooded streets. I regulary drive through some streets that are flood prone.

    Or would you suggest that I just get the drop in airfilter and be done with it. Will an drop in filter give better performance over stock?

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    Mar 2009
    Masyadong risky kapag CAI since sabi mo nga you often go to flood-prone areas. SRI nalang imo, pinakasafe for you. Yung drop in kasi, di ko sure kung may changes talaga in terms of power and if mararamdaman mo. Sa SRI kasi, siguro ramdam rin kahit papaano and may sound siya na addictive. lol.

    More power?
    SRI + Headers ( kahit sa mufflerland nalang 'to. medyo mahal yata sa speedlab ) + Unichip

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    Aug 2004
    I'd go for a K&N Typhoon and a header from speedlab. Just a shorty intake alone will not give you appreciable power... not so you can notice.

    The two biggest power-gainers you can put on a vehicle are the Unichip (or a similar aftermarket chip) and an aftermarket exhaust manifold. Drop-in air-filters, your typical shorty Intakes and mufflers make the car feel a tiny bit peppier, but that amount of power is barely noticeable in daily driving.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jun 2006
    I called Speedlab yesterday. Talked to Ferman. He said they have a SRI with a KnN filter that does exactly the same thing as the Typhoon. I also saw some pics of dyno readings with their SRI. It does add around 4 hp and some torque. There is a small dip in output from 3000 to 3500 rpm. The dyno pics show that the power comes in above 3500 rpm. No data from idle to 3000 rpm. The way I drive, 99% of the time I am below 3500 rpm. I only go past 3500 rpm when I'm overtaking. So my question is it worth it to get a SRI?

    I really cant decide, half of me want to try it, the other half says I might be wasting money. Headers and Unichip are not in the budget. Maybe later.

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    Nov 2004
    Simota SRI kit sa Teamcar Banawe around 1.5-2k

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    Feb 2005
    I'd get a drop in filter if I were you. No "mods" needed, just a direct replacement of the current filter. I think it's clean and keeps it "stock". The best thing is it's cheap, especially if you get it from Ebay.

CAI, SRI or drop in air filter