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    Oct 2002
    since your car is 10+ years old baka malakas na talaga syang lumamon ng oil. Saka gaano ka-frequent mo ginagamit car mo at gaano kalayo yung tinatakbo? . Fequency of use and the distance traveled should be considered dahil luma na engine mo. Try mo munang ipa-tuneup yung engine mo. If it does not get better your last resort would be an engine swap or overhaul.

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    Aug 2004
    eto ang simple test gawin mo

    first check ur spark plugs... check the gap u can see the gap specs under d hood.
    2nd check your spark plug cable baka not enough spark coming out kaya di nasusunog yun fuel.
    3rd check your spark plug oil seal. if basa ng oil ang spark plug mo theres ur culprit
    4th check your head basket or engine for external leaks...
    5th check your valve cover gasket and oil pan gasket.
    6th check your distributor cap and rotor for cracks and the tips baka kalbo na

    fyi head gasket leaks does not neccessarrily theres steam coming out. if u run out of water or coolant sa radiator, thats the time ull see steam coming out of the head and your exhaust valve will be cherry red.

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