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    Jan 2008
    5T km oil change is more than good enough unless you have a bad engine or using a super cheapo oil from an unknown manufacturer.

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    Jun 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by youngrider View Post
    5T km oil change is more than good enough unless you have a bad engine or using a super cheapo oil from an unknown manufacturer.
    The ZZ engine in the altis is prone to developing sludge if owners don't change the oil every 5,000 kilometers... even if the oil is fully synthetic.

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    Jan 2008
    Some are using diesel engine oil for their Altis, API CI-4 or better, one that is compatible with petrol engines and has lowest ash content.

    This is quite scary for some unfortunate Altis owners because the engine may fail during inconvenient or dangerous situations.

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    Oct 2010
    nag pa change oil nako Mobil super 2000 X2 semi synthetic 10w40 1,874 pesos. 3 days na wala namang improvement nabawasan onti yung hatak. Buti pa yung Castrol GTX 20w50 malakas yung hatak :jawdrop:

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    Oct 2010
    2 months experience on Mobil super 2000 x2 semi synthetic hindi nanginginig ung makina pag 120kph, GTX 20w50 nanginiging.

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    Oct 2008
    meron na bang naka subok nang MAG 1 gas engine oil na 10w-30, full or semi synthetic? Balak ko kasing gamiting ito sa optra ko. Ito lang kasi ang 10w-30 available dito sa sukat. 04Optra manual says dapat 10w-30 ang gamitin. thanks

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    Jan 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by blue_gambit View Post
    Sa isuzu ko castrol crb 15w-40,

    sa mitsu dati mobil delvac mx 15w-40 not as smooth as I expected. So I switched to castrol magnatec 10w-40. Ayos! :bounce1:
    maganda ba talaga yung castrol magnetic sir?
    kasi sbi sa akin ng mechanic 15w-40 for my tsikot..:threadmil

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    Jun 2008
    Castrol Edge Gamit ko sa Oto ko.. 5w-40.. Hindi pa ako nakakasubok ng ibang langis sa Alterra ko liban sa Castrol.. Mainam at ramdam mong pulido talaga ang hatak.. Mas okay sya compared sa Magnatech.. Syempre semi-syn yun Magnatech.. ^_^

    Gusto ko subukan yung REPSOL na 5w-40 din.. Okay ba itong brand na to guys? Patulong naman sa mga naka-experience na at may idea sa REPSOL na brand.. Thanks..


    Sir base sa experience ko okay naman ang Castrol Magnatech 10w-40.. Gamit ko yan dati bago Castrol Edge..

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    May 2009
    I have a mobil delvac mx and the latest delo gold multigrade (semi-synth) in my garage waiting to be used this coming 2012. both sae 15w-40. iirc, api cf for the mobil and ci-4 for the delo.

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    Mar 2005
    May nakagamit na po ba nito mga sirs? Php 1,308 kuha ko sa Unioil station. Idemitsu din kasi oils na gamit ng Honda so eto na lang binili ko mas mura pa. Wala din ako balak patakbuhin ng 10,000kms to since sa manual ng jazz every 6 months or 10k ang palit which is hindi ko naman na rereach yung 10k.

    Currently eto gamit ko sa 04 1.8 MT Rav4 and 2009 1.3s Honda Jazz ko. Ok ang performance

    Idemitsu Extreme ECO
    5W30 SM/CF Fully Synthetic *NEW

    * 100% Synthetic
    * Formulated to improve fuel economy
    * Superb cold start protection
    * Prolongs engine life by reducing friction
    * Reduces engine noise
    * Excellent performance at High Temperatures High Shear Viscosity test to ensure viscosity retention for maximum engine parts protection

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