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    Oct 2002

    why can we not just lock all these threads? or better yet, erase them and then ban all these salespeople making unauthorized sales pitches? don't tsikot have a policy about scammers and snake oil salesmen? as a reputable forum we should not even be allowing these people to start selling these "do all" miracle gadgets that all of us here know are nothing but crap.

    sorry folks, di ko na sana papansinin itong mga thread na ito at nasabi ko na lahat ng gusto kong sabihin. at hanggang ngayon naman wala pa din sagot sa mga technical questions natin, not even 1 scientific explanation how these miracle devices work.
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    Aug 2004
    And vixen, considering the first thing you did when you signed in was start giving out your contact info as a salesperson, please knock it off.

    Others have tried it with mixed results. There are numerous testimonies here and on other boards of running issues, electronics issues and outright "cheating" on tests.

    According to your argument, if I tell you sticking a bar of soap in your gas tank will improve mileage, then you can't tell me it won't work unless you try it... so try it.

    I agree with sir Yebo... we might as well lock some of these other threads... they've served their purpose. Maybe there should be a sub-forum specifically for "fuel-saving devices", so they don't clutter up the rest of the boards.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    As much as I would want to refrain from posting on this topic, I am still waiting for positive results. Which they claim is either half truth or half dubious. Everyone has each own doubts and speculations. That's why some of the gas-saving topics aren't closed yet. And still awaiting response from these claimers until now which has reached page 17.

    If we close each and every topic about gas-saving device created, they will still manage to post a new topic again about their product. Which doubles the job for our moderators.

    Btw, speaking of tests, what happened to the tsikot vs. gas-saving-device challenge? I was anxious to see it in actual. Until then I reserve my final opinion.

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    Oct 2002
    hahaha! napansin mo din pala niky!

    actually i did typed it in my last post, that in the other thread that is now locked she (vixen) immediately came out with the address and contact numbers for the kstc. being a trying-hard gentleman i edited my post so i don't insult anyone so much, but since you started it...

    vixen, a total of 7 posts (as of this minute) and more than half of them supporting this miracle gadget? employee ka ng kstc??? nasubok na yan dito hoy, bistado na din namin yang technique na yan! magre-register ng new account tapos "instant witness" for ego and kstc! sus! maghanap ka nga ng ibang maloloko mo pwede baaah!

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by Ungas
    Btw, speaking of tests, what happened to the tsikot vs. gas-saving-device challenge? I was anxious to see it in actual. Until then I reserve my final opinion.
    You mean the tsikotiers vs EGO challenge? It seems that EGO is nowhere to be seen (unless promoting another news/promo release). ;)

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    Nov 2002
    Originally posted by eco
    If you’re having problems with smoke emission in your vehicles and want to generate fuel savings by as much as 25% or more in gasoline or diesel, there is this breakthrough device that guarantees in controlling smoke emission and fuel savings.

    Proven effective by the DOST, DENR, Autoplus and the academe, the technology, known as the Exhaust Gas Oxidizer (EGO) is a stainless steel device that is installed at the tail-end of the exhaust pipe. It comes in five models/sizes that suit all sizes of vehicles like cars, vans, jeepneys, trucks, buses, SUVs and pick-ups. Unlike other existing devices, EGO works on the principle of no-engine-parts-adjustment method, thus, assures motorists of having no adverse effect on the engine.

    EGO’s outstanding feature of pollution-control, substantial reduction in fuel consumption, power-booster, and zero-maintenance, makes it above other existing technologies. Because of this, the EGO device bagged the top prize of the LIKHA AWARD given by the Department of Science and Technology during the recently concluded National Inventors Week.

    This product is highly recommended in the face of the rising costs of fuel. A minimal cost for a lifetime satisfaction!

    For more info, you may call 925-3283; 09208506842 or browse the company’s website at or you may email them at energy_eco*

    ADVERTISING itong post nya diba?

    Tsikot Sponsor?? Pwede na i-close ang thread.

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    Nov 2002
    Originally posted by add616reneb
    The EGO is scheduled to featured hopefully in "MOTORING TODAY" and "AUTO FOCUS" of Mr. Butch Gamboa. The Interview is to be conducted this coming Tuesday, Sept. 7th, 2004 c/o Sunshine Television Office in New Manila, Quezon City. Let's all wait for the segment and watch and hear the verdict from one of the leading authorities in automotives in the country!:nerd:
    Sana meron kayang napakitang DOCUMENTS sa show.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by kiper
    Sana meron kayang napakitang DOCUMENTS sa show.
    I am sure it will be the same stuff in the website. And we all know the data was taken from different vehicles for each of the test and even then, the state of the vehicles are in question since when have you seen a properly maintained passenger jeepney?

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    Nov 2002
    Mr. ECO, pwede bang gayahin kita kung pano ka sumagot dito sa thread..??

    Originally posted by eco; posted 08-21-2004 at 11:51 AM
    hi mr. yebo,

    eco is not mr. alegre.

    you seem so conceited as bolstered on the way you post. what were you trying to imply? - that the GMA feature was paid? the GMA and ABS-CBN features did not in any way do a critical evaluation of the device. there is this so-called developmental journalism, where all positive stories that can contribute to nation building are reported.

    because the ego device was recognized by the DOST and other government agencies (in fact, it won an award) the two stations find it fitting to feature the device. true, they may be expert in mass communications but don't you think it is logical enough that a recognition from DOST which is composed of experts in the field of science and technology is an affirmation of the device's efficiency? and why expect them to be as 'knowledgeable' as you are? their main task is to report and not do a critical evaluation.

    i am sorry, i just find you very conceited of your profession as an engineer. mr. alegre is an architect by profession and he may not be as 'expert' as you are in mechanical engineering.

    hindi ko na problema kung ayaw mong maniwala sa kakayahan ng device. it is enough that the invention was recognized by DOST and other agencies.

    This invention was developed by an architect who has a sterling record in pollution control and fuel economy. Take note and this is on record: he topped the enercon test during the Marcos era, besting other technologies from other countries abroad. He has travelled around the world sponsored by the UNDP for exposition. So what does this tell?

    Why not do something positive and use your technical knowledge in developing a solution to air pollution and the rising costs of fuel. Who knows, it could be more efficient than the EGO device.

    It wonders me that everytime there is a post on an invention like this, you often come out and blabber about that such is a fraud.

    By the way, are you Leandro Seguerra?

    [b]Kung ganyan-ganyan ka lang sumagot.. Buti hanggang ngayon meron ka pang magandang credibility, "kung meron man."

    Businessman ka ba? at ikaw ang nagbebenta ng produktong ito. Accounting student ako, may I suggest you study business ethics first.

    Originally posted by eco; posted 08-21-2004 at 01:48 PM
    as i told you, i'm not mr. alegre.

    Ang ikli naman ng sagot mo.. Eh napakaraming tanong ni Mr. Yebo na hanggang ngayon di mo pa rin masagot. Buti pa ung bata alam ang sasagot kapag may umagaw ng laruan nya.

    Thank you very much.


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    Jan 2003
    all of these issues could have been avoided if only they had answered sir yebo's questions. Simple questions of facts and science. Same with medicines versus supplements, a long time ago doctors never believed on supplements. But it was tested and proven that supplements are effective. How? By clinical studies conducted by scientists and Phd's themselves. Even if various awards were given to a product, nothing beats clinical/scientific proof. Awards are nothing with no proof to back up their claims. Some doctors still don't believe in them. Why? Because of misinformation or lack of information. Having said this, I still challenge Mr. Eco to get someone to do scientific research and prove thier claims. Not by their own company, but by a third party institution of known integrity. There is nothing to hide if your claims are true. If you don't posses the ability to back up scientifically, then I suggest you get someone can. Or better yet, have your product sent and tested. 3rd party scientific documentation will always beat consversation. I'm talking from an intellectual and practical consumer's view.

anti-smoke emission and fuel-saving device