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    Feb 2008

    i have an 8 year old mitsu lancer glx with 75k km mileage. i got this varnishing that i can see when the head cover is removed - no sludge though, just varnish.

    i change oil 5km interval, sometimes 10km (seldom). i use the turboxp fully synthetic oil from mitsu 15w50.

    i want to get rid of the varnishing before things get worse; however, i don't have plans on dismounting the engine or the cylinder head. as of now, the only plan that i have is to remove the oil pan and rocker arms and clean them together with the head cover.

    as for the head (camshaft valves, etc) still on the block, i'll just use some carb cleaner (with the valve springs covered to protect the seals) and wipe off the varnish.

    once everthing's clean, i'll just put everthing back on with new oil of course prior to reassembly.

    any other tips or suggestions?

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    Jan 2009
    Your best bet for removing varnish manually is lacquer thinner or acetone. Use only on all-metal surfaces and wear protective gloves when handling them though. Regular kitchen gloves won't last long.

    If you're concerned about safely removing sludge, deposits or varnish, use Auto-Rx instead. It will take a long time though to remove the baked-on varnish on splashed surfaces where the oil doesn't flow through directly (valve cover, etc.), but at least it won't worsen anymore. And more importantly you'd be cleaning the parts that matter most: piston rings, bearings, oil passages, cam surfaces, etc.

additional info on how to remove engine varnish