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    Aug 2008
    okay po, tinignan ko po yung nasa speedlab, around 150k medyo mahabang ipunan hehe.. ayos ko nalang muna yung sounds ko may amplifier na po kasi ako nabili,. tapos ipon nalang muna for the turbo kits 3 years warranty pa kasi yung car ko, sabi kasi turbo=warranty void.. huhuhu... salamat po sa suggestion at comments..

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    Aug 2004
    The only way to do it cheaply is to research research research and then buy the parts you need. You can save on the Speedlab price by having your turbo manifold custom-built elsewhere and sourcing your turbo and piping from a cheaper shop... but that extra money for the Speedlab kit includes the research needed to perform the job, the wiring, the tuning (which would still cost you money even if you did everything else outside) and a warranty on the work.

    6-7 psi is relatively safe. I think you're looking at about 150-160 horsepower with that much... but you'll have to consider the rest of the car... your suspension wasn't designed for that much performance (you'll need to source upgraded shocks, at the very least), your brakes might need more bite (new pads) and your transmission may need some strengthening (sports clutch, if one is available... but this one you can put off for a while if you drive it gently in first and second gear).

    The big issue is the tires. The Rio's tires already squeal under power in first and second gear, even with the pitiful 90 or so horses the 1.4 liter engine makes... with a turbo, you'll be running them bald in no time at all.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2008
    safe yan bago pa naman yung engine.. hehe

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6 psi boost safe ba sa stock engine?