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    Quote Originally Posted by barako ba ma View Post
    Don't get fixated on the DTC until you check the basics.

    Try to recall what last thing was done before improperly "pickling" the car
    Not fixate. Investigate. DTCs are always a good place to start. It may occasionally lead you through the rabbit hole, but more often than not, it will point you in the general direction of the problem.

    Id clear that DTC first before proceeding any further. If it was a transient error (ie. the battery went flat while in storage), it should not reappear, then a systematic troubleshooting can be done to check the 3 (or 4) things that are required for combustion to occur: Air, fuel, compression, and spark (petrol).

    If the same DTC consistently returns even with a good battery, check and verify that power is indeed going to the PCM. One input would always be energized (B+), while a second and maybe a third is tied in through the ignition key and/or relay. I agree that fuses should also be inspected. Id go as far as to reseat all connectors leading up to the PCM (battery disconnected) as well as check for wire damage from insects or vermins.

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    tune up first......

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Help! Car wont start OBD P0685.