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    Quote Originally Posted by Wh1stl3r View Post
    To expect something to last only for the duration of its warranty is fine. But if there are other options that can get you a lot further for the same money, I'd take it. Problem with the current Motolites is their price to lifespan ratio. They usually come out as the most expensive option.
    that's fine with me. i grew up with push-starting. not under the steering wheel, but behind the car.
    i'm just not sure, how others will take to replacing their motolites at 24 months, regardless. "push-starting takes skill."

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    Jan 2009
    I think it's wrong to equate warranty duration with expected lifespan.

    Everywhere I look, the consensus for the average car battery lifespan puts it at four years. If the majority of Motolite batteries die after just 2-3 years, they are well below the Bell curve for the average expected lifespan. That doesn't particularly exude quality.

    The only thing going for Motolite is their nationwide presence and delivery service. This, along with brand recall, helps secure their market share. That said, they didn't get there because their products are high quality, rather, they have mastered the supply chain and made it very easy for customers to order from them.

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