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    Nov 2005
    IMO, the reason why they have to raise prices (japanese brands) is coz of the strong yen

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    Oct 2008
    strong yen? diba sir mahina yen? just update me nalang, di ko na kasi alam palitan since i don't care about that much since la din naman ako ipapapalit hehe.
    if you guys say na tatamaan tayo crisis by 2009 and car prices would drop down. my question is: would their prices be like 50%-off (or more) katulad dun sa mga unsold cars sa US?

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    Nov 2005

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    Nov 2005
    Can't sell cars coz of lack of financing?

    NO problem

    the US govt bailed out GM's financing affiliate GMAC

    they injected capital into GMAC so GMAC can make car loans so GM can sell cars


    GMAC offers zero percent financing

    and to gain more customers, GMAC lowered lending standards, allowing customers with lower credit rating to qualify


    subprime lending for autos

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    Jun 2006
    what are those clowns thinking??

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    Nov 2005
    their goal is to keep GM alive...

    at the expense of US taxpayers

    the capital injected into GMAC is taxpayer money

    GMAC will be making car loans with taxpayer money so GM can sell cars

    the taxpayers are risk if the car buyers default on their loan payments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gen. Miting View Post
    like i said, it's the financing scheme that jacks up the price of the automobile. the more people willing to a P100K or a thousand dollar more for a vehicle as long as payment is in gives, the more opportunity for car dealers/manufacturers to test the car price bubble. this also explains why car dealers locally are not really that happy with cash-paying customers.

    nag-test run na nga sila ngaun December eh, suddenly my wife's hometown neighbors are all SUV owners hehehe
    iba po dito

    iba sa States, ok?

    people there can't even get financing to buy cars with big discounts


    dito, car price increase is coz of the strong yen (Japan brands)

    if you are talking about the price of a car being more expensive if it's acquired thru financing, syempre... may interest eh

    and wala problema sa car financing dito... nagpapautang ang mga bangko dito, di tulad sa States

    mas gusto ng car dealers ang bumibili thru financing kasi meron dealer's incentive (bonus from banks)
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    Nov 2005
    so if u buy something online or from a direct importer really cheap and i saw the same thing being sold in a store at almost 1.5X to 2X the price, it's coz of "financing"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gen. Miting View Post
    *uls, wag masyado magpapanood sa stock/business channel or tubes. sinabi ko na sa inyo before yun Jim Rogers na ina-admire nyo dun sa dollar thread, artista talaga yun. napanood ko na yun sa mga british movies ... he's just a puppet with strings.
    dude, your explanations on things you observe are just assumptions... you come up with them out of thin air

    far out talaga

    so i'm wrong about the yen

    ok... sabi mo e...

    BTW, there's more to life than just malls dude

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    May 2006
    just to interject some info on jim rogers.

    there was a time that his fund (i forget the name) earned so much like a 1800% return (not a typo). he made so much money that he "retired" at the age of 37 to travel around the world. He created the first commodities index fund about a decade ago which significantly outperformed the market until recently. Maybe somewhere in between he delved into acting (he was kind of a good-looking dude in his younger years).

    He now resides in Singapore. He says it's like living in New York at the turn of the century, i.e., Asia is where the action will be moving forward.

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