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    Feb 2008
    Compared to USA yes mas mataas cash buyers dito because our credit markets is not as mature as the US. Pero sigurado ako mas madami pa ding finance kaysa cash buyers maskin dito satin...

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    Nov 2005
    yep madami parin cash buyers sa atin

    pero dumadami na ang thru financing

    and pansin nyo mas gusto pa nga ng car dealer pag thru financing ang customer

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    Sep 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by pup2 View Post
    I wonder what % of Pinoy car buyers buy in cash and in financing? I'm sure madami ang financing pero palagay ko mas mataas by far ang % ng cash buyers sa Pinas kesa sa USA.

    kase sa US napaka baba ng interest sa autoloan unlike sa pinas na it would cost you arms and legs...kaya mas gusto ng pinoy sa US na bumili thru financing..dito naman sa atin mas gusto nila CASH pero sa tulad kong dukha
    financing dito hehehe

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    Nov 2005
    Eto na:

    GM and Chrysler to Receive Up to $17.4 Billion in Loans
    General Motors and Chrysler will receive up to $17.4 billion in short-term loans from the US government as part of an aid package to the troubled auto industry.

    According to details of the plan made available to the package involves $13.4 billion in short-term financing from the $700 billion Wall Street bailout fund, known as TARP.

    An additional $4 billion will be made available in February, though that will be contingent on drawing down the remaining $350 billion of the TARP fund.
    bailout nation

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    Oct 2008
    naguguluhan na ko which side is to consider tama. pero ang side ko gusto ko pumanig sa sige magsara na kayo kesa sa wag kasi marami mawawalan trabaho.

    kasi, just like sa chrysler, ilan ba naka ganyan na brand? diba onti lang, meaning onti lang tumatangkilik dyan. letting them survive is just like gambling with 51%-49% result. they won't survive if the consumers wont or have no money to buy them to keep them from being branckrupt again and if the consumer's eyes could see and realize the value they could get on their products. im no chrysler hater pero i might want to see GM on the roads more better than seeing chryslers on the road

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    Dec 2008
    Who is going to buy a car from a company who is in bankruptcy?

    Think about servicing, parts and resale value.

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    Aug 2008
    all car dealers here are scared of what's happening in the US. kaya grabe ang approval ngaun sa car loans, sa 25k-40K monthly income, you can get a car na. but with a price of course, the SRP is being raised.

    eto na naman mga kababayan natin pinoy bili ng bili, umuwi ako sa subdvision namin ngaun pasko where people are considrered to be lower middle income class group. why did i say lower middle income group, our house dsl is wireless no security, everytime i check the router wala man lang nag-take advantage ng free connection, bec. most of my neighbors dont have laptop. i doubt that they have a dsl, bec. our house dsl is entry level only but with speeds up to 3mbps. wala kami ka-share hehehe

    pero gulat talaga ako ngaun pasko, i saw 3 bnew no-plates crv, 2- bnew captivas, 1 or two everests. grabe puro suv binbili hehehe

    kung alam lang nila how painful it is to pay off loans on an SUV. my santa fe is on its third year installment already. minsan siomai lang dinner namin ng misis ko to cope up with this ridiculous luho

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    Oct 2008
    how did they bought their cars?

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    Nov 2005
    according to Gen. Miting, thru low down financing

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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Gen. Miting View Post
    eto na naman mga kababayan natin pinoy bili ng bili...
    Reminds me of what someone said about the Philippines being a rich country pretending to be poor. I forget who said that.

GM in trouble