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    Apr 2006
    I think Hyundai & Kia will fare better next year, especially now that they're making a big push to be more global. AFAIK, Hyundai is even offering a 10-yr warranty for their automobiles in other countries (why not Philippines )

    Obviously, one can only hold so many balls in the air, as large manufacturers Toyota & Honda has shown in terms of cust sat performance. I'm quite happy to see Ford & GM turning out so well despite their issues in the US.

    Curiously, the top reason why customers become dissatisfied is problem experienced, which I hope will help car makers pay more attention to initial rollout/delivery of products rather than go into a "repair" mode and just patch up cars with issues.

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    Oct 2002
    Although I have limited transactions with Chevy at Shaw Bvrd (body repair & painting), I do think their customer service is pretty good. That doesn't mean I would buy a Chevy car though...

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    Aug 2004
    RE: Hyundai and Kia... their service centers are not yet well-controlled and unified under a central Philippine office yet, while Chevy and Ford have the backing of their parent companies...

    Just from talking to Hyundai-Kia personnel, they still have to beg, plead and bargain for some of their models...

    RE: Toyota and Honda? It doesn't matter how many customers you have, the question is service. Ford Alabang is always full. Every time I need to schedule PMS, I have to wait three or four days for a good slot. I've only gotten an alignment there once because of the long lines!

    BUT: Ford Alabang ranks very highly amongst Ford dealerships in customer service... why? They call and remind you of everything, follow up service appointments and service results, the SAs are very accomodating, and the staff at the dealership treat you like a king. Juice, sir? Coffee, sir? Anything else? Para kang nasa hotel lobby, naghihintay lang ng kuwarto.

    Ang sarap tumambay sa dealership... there are times I don't even go to the mall to wait anymore...

    I'm not surprised that Chevy, Ford and Mazda rank very highly in customer service. They try hard, they're dedicated, and they're hungry for customers.

    Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu? I've been there for service, and they've never made me feel particularly welcome or special. And you can't blame the lack of rosy glow on overcrowded service centers...

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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chevrolet ranks highest in customer satisfaction