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    May 2006
    The 50% downpayment for the Camaro is like paying for the actual unit itself. Parang sure buy na yun. Walang cost sa dealer aside from the tax.

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by roberto_minosa View Post
    Tsk tsk tsk...another one of those let's-try-if-someone-buys stories. I hope it becomes an epic fail like TMPI's attempt with the Prius.

    There are actually people who buy the 2010 Prius. I already saw two - pearl white and silver. No not in Makati, Ortigas, or Alabang but in lesser places like Rizal Ave or UN Ave.

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    Dec 2004
    Di pa naman yan ang final na import ng TCCCI-GM Phils yang binebentang Camaro ng Chevrolet Alabang pero malamang RS variant ang dalhin dito.

    Again may bibili parin nyang Camaro..Wag na kayong umasa sa 2M Pesos na price tag unless gusto nyo nang sobrang bare na Camaro ang dalhin dito..

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by renzo_d10 View Post
    The Camaro looks good, yes. But with the price attached to it no matter how good looking the camaro is ... it's not worth it.

    The additional +/-1.8M that they imposed on the Camaro's price is like a tip that the customers are giving. Parang ganito yan eh ...


    *customer orders for a camaro*
    *pays for the vehicle*
    Customer :: Hey ! Thanks for this good-looking vehicle, take this 1.8M pesos as a tip. Again, thank you.
    *customer leaves the dealership with a big grin in his face but with him not knowing that he wasted A LOT of money.*
    hindi kaya tax related and shipping yung additional cost?

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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by archie123456789 View Post
    hindi kaya tax related and shipping yung additional cost?
    Exactly. To be completely fair to the local Chevy dealership, ang tax ng Camaro would be about 100% na. Nakakainis lalo to think sa gobyerno lang mapupunta ang 1.5M mo (ok, I'll stop at that, i don't wanna start wondering about where that tax goes :D ).

    Nakaka-disappoint lang magbasa ng US auto magazines, nakikita ko lagi na I could've afforded those nice cars if I live in the US, whereas those cars are at least double the price here in the Phils where, and this is the big irony, money actually has lesser value / buying-power. Grrrr.

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