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    Sep 2012
    Will get our unit today sa Chevy Shaw.. Oceanic Blue 2.5 MT nakuha namin

    anyway, masyado ba narrow ang gulong na stock? 245/70?

    Everyday NLEX ang daan ko kasi, im afraid baka mababa rolling resistance pag narrow ang gulong. Thanks!

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    Jan 2013
    goodluck on your new ride chelo26 and hope you enjoy it!

    be safe!

    please do post photos of your new ride.

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    Jun 2009
    Congrats, in joy the drives & forget the frustation, sometimes the road in owing the TrailB is tricky, either it is smooth or bumpy, its good that out there , a decent & professional SA meant for you. DRIVE SAFE & Let the lemon experience blanketed by the trail of dust of your TrailB

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    Jul 2006
    Fellow Trailblazer owners, want to have an EB this Sunday at the Manila International Auto Show? albert_b and I are going. This is a good opportunity for those that we haven't met yet so that we would know each other.

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    Dec 2012

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Dexdrex View Post
    Will get our unit today sa Chevy Shaw.. Oceanic Blue 2.5 MT nakuha namin

    anyway, masyado ba narrow ang gulong na stock? 245/70?

    Everyday NLEX ang daan ko kasi, im afraid baka mababa rolling resistance pag narrow ang gulong. Thanks!
    Congratulations on your new ride sir! Excellent choice :-) Register ka dito sa list na 'to sir (here)

    Ako I'm looking at replacing my LT's puny stock rims and tires. Pangit kasi stance niya. If you replace yours sir, mas maganda kung wider siya.
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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by chelo26 View Post
    hi mga sirs and madams

    i am just a new member. i just want to share our experience. in the first week of feb, we decided to reserve for a trailb in north edsa since the SA told us that there will be a unit available the week after and we just need to reserve. anyway, we paid for the reservation thinking we will be getting our unit (4x2 MT) the following week. However, after 3 days, our SA called and inform us that there were having a problem with the thai plant, hence, we could only get the unit through in house financing. that time, we are already processing our application for bank PO. so, to our dismay, the SA told us that we have to wait until June or July to get our unit if we will be getting the unit through bank financing. so the following week, we went to qc ave and otis to inquire, chevy qc ave accepts bank PO but then the color only available that time was the color blue (and we're not really into that color). meanwhile, otis has only white at that time (and we're not really into that color either). actually, our first choice color is the auburn brown and second is the royal. both dealers told us to wait until may or june. otis branch encourage us to also make a reservation but we told them our experience with north edsa and told them that we are hesitant about it and if they cannot reserve unit for us without giving a reservation fee, then we cannot do anything about it. to make a long story, by our frustration in finding the right dealer for us, we went kia (next option). we were able to test drive a sorento (2.2 AT 4x2). the drive was smooth and we like the engine (as if you are drivng a gas car and not a diesel). it is very quiet. we almost instantly fell in love for sorento. however, during the holyweek, we decided to inquire again to other chevy dealers and last black saturday, we called upon several dealers like greenhills, pasig, but they were close. our last option is chevy commonwealth. to our surprise, there was SA at that time. we immediately went there and inquired about the trailb. to our suprise, there is an available unit 4x2 but not auburn brown but royal gray. since, it was our next color of choice, we immediately told the SA that we will be getting it but we will not be paying any reservation fee (i told her our horror story about north edsa) and she agreed and told us to immediately process our PO. she did not ask for anything. so, immediately last monday, we went to the bank and confirm our application. to make the long story short, we will be getting our new baby this afternoon. i will update you all and hopefully post some pix.

    if you are looking for any dealer without any hassle, try chevy commonwealth, look for ms herry silva and tell her that we are the couple who just purchased the royal gray (4x2 MT) last saturday and will be getting it today. she is very approachable and will not pressure you...

    excited for our new ride...
    Congratualtions sir! Merong isang thread (here) where you can register your ride din. Post ka pics! Dumadami na tayong naka Royalty Gray! ;-)

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    Mar 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by RTS View Post
    I'm not quite sure if my 4 sensor nasira but I tried this morning okey naman kaya lang yung dalawa parang na offset, my wife were able to take the taxi driver license with her, sabi noong mga bystander nag te text daw yung driver kaya hindi napansin na naka hinto si komander
    Don't u really hate when other drivers r careless? Mabuti wala kang tow hitch :-)

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    Jan 2013
    You may want to check this out
    WINNERS: Car of the Year 2013

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    Mar 2013
    mga sir tanong lang kung may nka exp na nito.

    pag standing over the rear driver wheel may squeaking sound(yun tipong magpupunas)? tapos pag inalog yun trailb mas rinig na rinig yun sound(while standing over sa rear driver wheel).
    pero sa rear passenger wala naman sya.ano kaya possible problem nya mga sir?wala pa kasi time para makapunta sa chevy

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