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    Aug 2004
    Six Tips for Bringing Up Personal Hygiene Issues

    If you work in a cubicle environment and sit next to someone who has a personal hygiene problem that is hard to ignore, you may be suffering when you don't have to.

    People typically feel uncertain about bringing up issues on this topic for two obvious reasons: One, it's not as if hygiene is insurmountable -- itís more of a convenience issue. Two, the other person just might be hurt, humiliated or offended.

    We often look at the balance between cost and benefit and choose to continue to suffer. In fact, the fear of humiliating the other person can be so great that some people absolutely refuse to ever attempt to bring up the problem.

    Here are some helpful tips on what to do when discussing what could be an embarrassing topic:

    1. Keep the scope of this problem small and the tone breezy and relaxed.
    Don't even think about mentioning that everyone but the person with the problem knows about it. This is an important data point for why you should say something, but it would be far too insulting to actually say aloud.

    2. Be very careful in your use of terms.
    While there is no word that doesn't carry with it a bit of a stigma, words like "stink" or "offend," certainly don't work. Similarly, don't go for politically correct or cute language such as "hygiene impaired." This isn't a laughing matter.

    3. Start the conversation by sharing your good intentions.
    The last thing you want to do is make others feel like you are attacking or blaming them. You want them to feel safe discussing the issue, so begin by making it known that you have their best interest in mind. For example, "I wonder if I could talk about something that would help me out at work a bit. It's not a huge deal, but it's worth mentioning."

    4. Limit the scope of the problem.
    Once again, don't say it's been going on forever, is causing you huge grief, or that everyone else has talked about the issue. Since it's the first time you've brought it up, treat it as something that has only recently become an issue.

    5. Keep the discussion private.
    This means not only during the conversation, but also after. This will help the other person feel safe talking to you and remedying the problem.

    6. If it's feasible, try to give the other person an out or excuse.
    For example, "Recently I get the feeling that maybe you've been exercising before work or something. In any case, we work so close together that I'm wondering if we can talk about a change that's affecting our working environment." At this point, you've delicately placed the problem in the open and the quicker you finish the discussion, the better. Accept any excuse they might come up with -- bogus or otherwise. This is all about helping the other person save face. Once again, keep the tone easy and relaxed.

    Perhaps the most important thing to remember as you approach such a highly sensitive topic is that you care about the other person and want to help him or her address the issue without feeling humiliated in the process. Keeping this in mind will go a long way toward setting the tone and helping an awkward discussion go quickly and smoothly.

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    Feb 2003
    hirap nito.. ang pinoy pa naman very sensitive and pinepersonal lahat ng bagay

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    Sep 2003
    Sa akin, kung may maantot sa tabi ko, tiis na lang para iwas gulo. Daanin na lang sa air freshner. O di kaya, takip na lang ng ilong. He-he!

    Sa Pinas di masyado yan. Usually mga Pinoys naman pumapasok sa office na bagong ligo at nagpapabango pa. Pero, sa mga foreign trips ko, notorious yung mga Arabs, papasok sa office na dehins goli, minsan may muta pa. Kahit sa Singapore, ganyan din, amoy maasim sila. Pansin mo di naligo, kasi yung buhok, kung ano hitsura nung natulog, andun pa yung pagkakahulma sa unan. Madalas yung shirts nila, di plantsado.

    Pero kung di ko na talaga matiis, sinasabihan ko deretsahan, wala nang hiya-hiya.... MALIGO KA NAMAN!

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    Nov 2002
    hay naku...nun aral pako seatmate ko stinks, as in very bad, tiis lang ako, ayoko siya sabihan, kasi alam ko sinasabihan na siya ng mga frens niya, from breath to whatever expire me amoy and mabaho!!! goo thing lagi ako me baon pabango to mask away the foul odor.

    nun gym ako dati ko gym me mga nakakasabay ako na indian, ewan why they smell so bad, la aircon sa gym kaya open ko lahat window tapos open ko fan para me ventolation, sila naman sara window and fan nakakainis so every rep ko open ko window n fan, tipong kasama na sa routine ko yun dati

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    Oct 2002

    in my previous job, 2 years kong tiniis yung baho ng indian colleague ko. kahit malaki yung mga cubicle namin and semi-walled off, umaapaw pa rin yung amoy niya over the wall. note that we probably sat 15 feet apart with a 6-ft wall between us. bagsik talaga.

    we did give him very gentle reminders but he didn't seem to care or want to change. he was the department a--hole too so we really didn't care for his image all that much anyway. he still works for the company, but (thankfully) is three floors away now.

    i noticed that after awhile the nose starts to adapt and the smell seems to be less pungent after you've breathed it in nonstop for a few months :bwahaha:

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    Oct 2002
    hehehe totoo yan sa singapore dehins ligo mga tao pag pumapasok, nagtataka pa sila pag mag brush ka ng teeth after eating

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    Oct 2002
    ha ha ang hirap talaga pag may kasama kang Indian sa office :lol:

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    Jan 2004
    You know I had to actually tell someone about his stinking problem... I had no choice, he worked for me and it was affecting the team. I think he took it well, considering...

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    Mar 2005
    kami dati sobrang tiniis namin yun Indian na sinama ng boss namin sa team. kawawa nga yun Indian eh gusto niya mag-tour sa Manila, wala umiimik sa min. he was with us for 2 months. tapos one time pinakita nya yun mga pictures nya dito sa places sa Manila, parati sya nag-iisa at nagpapakuha lang kung kani-kanino.

    one time nga sa canteen yun amoy ng isang spicy food dun amoy nya, tapos yun pa din inorder nya. masuka-suka kami habang kumakain sabay sabay.

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    Oct 2002
    amf, co-worker ko naliligo ng AXE pero lalong bumaho. Baktol and body perfume = worst smell than baktol alone :bwahaha:


    oldblue, I just noticed your si...tawa ako dun ah hahahahaha...research daw amf.

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