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    Sep 2003
    is it possible that i can still get an account record from the company kahit na 6 or 7 years ago 'yun?
    yes it is but i guess it won't help you anymore... even if it turns out that it was the credit card company's mistake, the filed court case still appears on your c-map even if it is eventually dismissed in your favor...

    it is a permanent blemish on the c-map and it doesn't matter what the particulars of the case were... the credit investigator will immediately see it as a black flag and not dwell on the circumstances surrounding the case...

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    Oct 2002
    change name na lang when you apply for a new credit card. It would help if you could have another billing statement with your "alternative" name on it too. :D

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    Oct 2002
    guys share ko lang din experience ko. this may also help you someday...

    my gf used to own a citibank mastercard...she cancelled it with very small amount of credit balance left unpaid. she did not return the card and just assume it's done. that was more than five years ago.

    we decided to apply for a joint account in BPI last april. we were supprised when the teller told us that my gf cannot apply for any bank account in BPI because according to them my gf name is in their list of delinquent card holder of citibank. so better settle all unsettle things even if it's only 50 centavos because they don't care about the amount. for as long as your name is in their list, they will not allow you to open any in their bank account.

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    Jun 2004
    To have a peace of Mind, if you know someone in the banking industry, patulong ka na lang to verify kung may record ka sa CMAP or BAP Neg file. Credit companies are using these two credit history extensively.

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possible record in my credit history...