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    Jan 2005
    hehehe don't let toyota philippines see that pic, aatakehin sila sa puso..exclusivity ek-ek, ayaw nila mataxi models nila. :lol:

    anyway...the best wheelchair loading system i've seen is sa mitsubishi savrin, predecessor ng grandis. it has an arm stowed sa baggage compartment that once the person using a wheelchair has gotten onboard, stows the wheelchair in the back na. sweeet!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by KoKoNAT View Post
    Makes sense, I guess. It's probably cheaper to modify a Tarago to have wheelchair access/lift that it is to modify a BA Falcon to have one. Costs less to run and maintain too. Can't see from the pic if the Tarago has LPG sticker but a 2.7L 4-cyl Tarago consumes less petrol than a 4.0L 6-cyl Falcon.
    its a 2.4L...pero sa europe meron silang 2.0L Diesel Variant

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ozcity View Post
    its a 2.4L...pero sa europe meron silang 2.0L Diesel Variant
    Yup, although if they bring this new to EU land, magiging 2.2 liter engine na siya.

    And here's an interesting thing.

    Pareho lang ang output ng 2.4 4-cyl at saka yung 2.2 na D-4D Cleanpower.

    Parehong 170ps with more torque on the diesel. Mas bago rin ang diesel engine (late 2005) compared to the gas/petrol one (early 2001)

    It renders the 2AZ-FE as useless.

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    May 2006
    i think the problem that we have here in the philippines is that people buy cars for the purpose that it was not meant to be. i mean in thailand the hilux is used to carry fruits and vegetables to the market. same with the DMax and strada. here in the philippines people actually complain that the riding characteristic of the hilux and Dmax is too harsh, i mean duh! its meant to carry heavy loads, not to show off in.but i guess with the price of the cars here thats why only the rich can afford a what more for taxi operators...just my thoughts....

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