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View Poll Results: How much do you make in a month?

375. You may not vote on this poll
  • less than P10,000

    18 4.80%
  • P10,000 to P15,000

    30 8.00%
  • P15,001 to P20,000

    27 7.20%
  • P20,001 to P30,000

    59 15.73%
  • P30,001 to P40,000

    43 11.47%
  • P40,001 to P50,000

    30 8.00%
  • P50,001 to P100,000

    68 18.13%
  • P100,001 to P200,000

    51 13.60%
  • P200,001 to P500,000

    31 8.27%
  • more than P500,000

    18 4.80%
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  1. Join Date
    Jul 2006
    Where are you going?

  2. Join Date
    Sep 2004
    Just barely enough, but I have to plod on, kasi there are bills to pay.

    Also, I enjoy doing my job, it's not boring, and that's what's keeping me from seeking greener pastures.

    Hindi naman kasi ako madaling masilaw sa pera....

    dahil naka-dark shades ako, hehehe. Pero pag tanggal ang shades, ah, ibang usapan na yan!

  3. Join Date
    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by wasabi View Post
    i guess for today's standard and for a bachelor... pwede na. kaya pa mag-renew or airforce once a month eh.
    ingat na sa renew,bro, balita ko na raid na yan mag af1 ka na lang tama ba ako SM:grin:

  4. Join Date
    Oct 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by theveed View Post
    Not enough kaya aalis na ako in 2 weeks hehe.
    i agree that it's uncomfortable (needless to say unethical) to talk about how much one's earning...but if this information is used in a good way (i.e. not to discriminate others), it may have advantages - better transparencies in the work place. i can say that people who work in a company (or for somebody on that regard) generally have limited opportunities for financial growth , this is specially true in the lower ranks. and people who manage their own business/ businesses tend to have faster financial gains...a certain professional's salary range nowadays can now be looked up in the internet. so, people are beginning to be conscious about how much they'll earn and how much their counterparts are earning on the opposite side of the court...

    the question "how much you make in a month" would be better off with "how much do you spend in a month" to be more discreet...

  5. Join Date
    Aug 2004
    Ako 250.00 per day lang...

  6. Join Date
    Feb 2005
    nice, my first post.

    as for me, i get enough to pay bills and daily expenses. (just feel i should be getting more if patient enough in looking for opportunities outside)

  7. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    2004 pa ang thread na ito... for sure marami na nagbago

  8. Join Date
    Aug 2007
    It shows that a big percentage of Tsikoteers belong to the higher income bracket..which in reality accounts to only 5 to 10% of the population.

  9. Join Date
    Sep 2003
    ^^ Lumiit na ang kita natin Bro as an OFW. Yung income ko last 2 yrs. ago, laki na ng ibinaba.

  10. Join Date
    Aug 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    ^^ Lumiit na ang kita natin Bro as an OFW. Yung income ko last 2 yrs. ago, laki na ng ibinaba.
    Yup, I guess thats the limitation of being employees. Our growth is limited by the growth and opportunites provided by our employers. We better start thinking of starting our own businesses.

    Para naman umabot tayo sa 500K monthly income. .

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How much do you make in a month?