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    Dec 2005
    coming from one of the local banks with its own credit card affiliate, i was given several complimentary cards for personal & representation purposes but instead, i use AIG CC, why? coz depending on your use, they can waive your annual fees, waive finance charges, give you separate & free dental and health card which are really usable. also, if you use it abroad, they have one of the lowest conversion from US$ to petot. also, when buying high ticket items like appliances, you usually pay for the cash price rather than the regular price (i.e. credit card price).

    these are things i suggest you look for in a card:

    1. flexible payment facilities (i.e. otc, atm, on-line), the more the better.
    2. higher credit limits and if you can go for those cards with separate peso & dollar credit limits, the better.
    3. generally lower financing rates for installment purchases and revolving payments.
    4. capable of offering photo card option for added security.
    5. with built-in option to waive charges.
    6. domestic AND international toll free access number. this is convenient & cost efficient coz, aside from regular landline, you can even use the payphones. just imagine if you're based in the province or went out of town & you need to call the card company. there's one very popular card in the city which doesn't have this

    things that are usually generic among various cards.

    1. you either get mastercard, visa, diners or amex. the first two are most accepted locally.
    2. revolving payment option. be careful, once you get hooked to this, it may take you a lifetime to pay the principal if you go for the minimum payment option.
    3. gives freebies or discounts (i.e. on top of points or rewards) when you use the card to pay for groceries, or when you dine-in, or at other establishments.
    4. computerized call center that usually takes forever before you can actually talk to a warm blooded human being.

    also, most card companies nowadays offer points per use which you can accumulate and exchange for rewards, others just call it differently while others even offer travel miles.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer
    backup card is metrobank visa and a psbank mastercard which was automatically issued to me without application (weird)
    sir, i guess you were given what we usually call complimentary cards (i.e. you need not apply, they just give em to you). this is no accident, banks & credit card companies are on the look out for prospective clients too and you were probably evaluated to have a good credit history.

    sorry for the long post, hope this helps...
    Last edited by slamtaz; August 7th, 2006 at 06:34 AM.

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    Feb 2005
    ok ang BPI-petron, my rebate sa fuel, my back up is citibank

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    Jun 2005
    My current credit card is BPI Gold Mastercard. Security Bank just gave me a Mastercard - free annual fee for the first year. I heard Standard Chartered is offering credit card with lifetime free annual fee.

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    Oct 2002
    pareho tayo ng problema ngayon mehn..kaya lang dito wala pako maaplyan kasi wala pakong credit history. im gunning for citi mastercard kasi minus 2cents sa gas. pero mejo malabo pa.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by j_avonni
    I heard Standard Chartered is offering credit card with lifetime free annual fee.
    i have one, but you have to charge at least P90K/annum for you to avail of the lifetime annual fee, that is for the visa gold.

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    Feb 2005
    Long time user of BPI creditcards. Of all the CC providers I've had, I personally think they're the best. I have had no hassles and no bad experiences with them. I used to have a Citibank CC but I decided to drop them because I really had bad experiences with them and even if Citibank would be the last CC provider on earth, I would never get another CC from them again.

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    interesting yung AIG ah... mmm

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    Sep 2005
    Ako AIG card... every 6 months tumataas credit limit ko at higit sa lahat...

    madaling kausap.

    Citibank? sobra na laki ng ulo... lagi ko nirereject pag kinakausap ako para mag apply ng credit card.

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    Sep 2005
    Equitable Gold Amex.. walang nang annual fee..

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    Dec 2005
    BPI MC, Citibank MC at HSBC MC ang aking cards.

    Puwede mong i-view ang mga transactions mo online at doon magbayad. Sa HSBC, puwede siyang bayaran sa

    BPI- medyo mahirap gamitin sa ibang bansa. Pero ang Citibank, walang problema, pati na iyong aking HSBC MC. Sa ibang establishments nga sa US, iba ang pila sa cash at card,- at napaka-ikli ang pila sa card, kaya mabilis kaming nakapag-transact. Gulat nga ako!

    Waive ang annual fees ng BPI, Citibank at HSBC MC sa akin...

    Isa pang maganda sa Citibank,- puwede mong ikarga ang lahat ng utility bills mo (kuryente, landline, cellphone, cable etc),- para isang bayad na lang. Mas gusto ko ito kaysa sa BPI ko na babayaran mo pang isa-isa... Mahirap malimutang magbayad,- baka putol kuryente o telepono na ang kasunod...

    BPI MC ngayon ay may chip na sa loob ng card.

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