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    Quote Originally Posted by boybi
    11 lang nakikita ko sa pic.
    Binitay na siguro yung Hudas

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    May 2005
    di bale ng nerdy syet dami namang pera,kakaingit,yung yaman ha hindi si bill gates hehehehehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by airshaq20
    Interesting figures :-)

    But if he earns $7.8 billion a year - those numbers will be wrong.
    Technically, a full time job in the US is equal to 8-hour-a-day or 40 hours a week of work. Multiply that with 52 weeks a year = 2080 hours a year.

    If you go over 40 hours a week, it is considered overtime and you are entitled to have time and a half pay (or times 1.5 of your base hour pay).

    So lets assume that Gates doesn't get overtime.

    $7.8 billion for a year (2080 hours)
    is equal to:

    $30 million a day (8 hours a day)
    $3.75 million per hour
    $62,500 per minute
    $1,041.67 per second.

    He is earning even while sleeping. E paano kung hindi pa napipirate ang mga software nya, e di mas lalong malaki pa ang kinita nya.

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Bill Gates